Monday, September 2, 2019

What I've Been Priming

Happy Labor Day friends! I hope you are all enjoying the extra day off today and spending it doing something fun. The weather here is beautiful so we are spending as much time outside as possible today. One of the nearby suburbs of Charlotte has an adorable festival going on this weekend so we are kicking off the day riding some rides with LG and watching her bounce in a bouncy house to her heart's content. If you follow me on Instagram (@lcdarrell) you may have seen some of our videos and pictures from the parade and festival on Saturday. We plan to be back at it again today for more fun. 

Anyway, today I am posting my Amazon purchases for the month of August. If I had to pick one thing I love the most, it is the long cardigan sweater (about half way through the post). I grabbed this sweater after I saw one of my favorite bloggers write about it and I'm so happy I did! This sweater looks flattering on everyone. Here are my purchases:
Storage bins-- We grabbed these to put on the IKEA Kallax bookshelf in the nursery. I am a sucker for organization and these fit the color/theme of the room. 
Rainbow Fish Bath Book-- Ladies, one night a few weeks ago LG was in the bathtub and I noticed her rubber duckies were looking a little off. I turned on the flashlight on my phone and tried to shine the light through the air hole (they are the kind you squeeze and they spray you with water) and discovered several of her bath toys had gotten moldy inside. 😳 I guess we hadn't been squeezing all the water out before putting them away in her bath toy basket. I threw them away and tried to find some things for her to play with in the tub that are easier to keep clean. She loves to read, so I grabbed this bath book and these:
Bath Crayons-- LG is very into art and drawing right now, so she loves drawing on the side of the tub with these bath crayons.

Long Sleeve Sweater-- This is the sweater I am loving! If you are looking for a cheap, long, lightweight sweater to help transition some of your summer items into fall.. grab this! You won't regret it! I'm thinking about grabbing it in a few other colors as well. I normally wear a size small and grabbed a medium in this. I wanted it to fit me now (9 months pregnant) and postpartum and it seems to be just perfect.
Toddler Pillow--I went on the hunt for a toddler pillow/pillowcase at Target, Walmart and Buy Buy Baby and really struggled to find a smaller size pillow in stores. I knew I didn't want a big pillow for LG yet, but everything was only available online. I was hesitant because I wanted to see them in person first, but after multiple unsuccessful trips to stores decided to just bite the bullet and buy online. We are really happy with this purchase! It is just the right size for her little body and little toddler bed.
Toddler Pillowcases-- These are the pillowcases I grabbed to go with it.
White Peplum Blouse-- This is another shirt I saw from that blogger I follow. She had posted several items she was wearing during her pregnancy that weren't technically "maternity" and I snagged this one too. 
Rosie Revere Engineer-- I have been reading this book to my STEM classes for the past few years as an introductory/back to school/welcome to STEM book and LOVE it. I usually just borrow it from the library but sometimes get nervous that the library won't have it when I need it. Our PTO gave us some money this year to get some items for our classroom and I decided to go ahead and buy this book since I read it every year (and plan to continue doing so). The story is about a girl who loves to design/plan/build things for family and friends but loses confidence in herself because her inventions are "silly" and "fail". She then has a family member who teaches her that we learn through mistakes and helps her to restore her confidence. It is so sweet and encouraging for kids. If you haven't read this, I highly recommend it!!
What is Science?-- This is another book I read to the Pre-K students every year that shows how science is all around us. Without fail every student is able to find something in this book that they connect with and like, which then makes them more excited to learn about science. That's a win in my book!
Belly Butter-- I bought my last batch of Belly Butter for this pregnancy. So far I am still stretch mark free (WOOHOO!) and I keep applying this stuff multiple times daily. 

Big Sister T Shirt-- I have very distinct memories of my younger sister being born and going to visit her at the hospital. My mom had found my older sister and I some "I'm a big sister" shirts and we wore them to the hospital to meet our new baby sister. I wanted LG to have a "Big Sister" shirt too and grabbed this one.


  1. The big sister shirt is so cute and will be so fun in those first pictures. Love the cardigan! Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  2. Such a cute big sister t-- we used an "I'm a big brother" t-shirt to announce our second pregnancy.

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