Monday, September 16, 2019

Life Lately

Good morning! We have had a VERY busy past few weeks around here so I figured I'd share a bunch of the pictures I have stashed on my phone. 

It is festival season in the Charlotte area apparently and we have been to two festivals lately with Lily Grace and friends.
 The first one we went to was Matthews Alive which was absolutely ADORABLE and very family friendly! We started with the parade on Saturday morning and then went to ride some rides/play some games/bounce in the bouncy house.
Riding the carousel with her daddy
LG and a friend "fishing" at one of the games
Lily Grace and her friend were also very excited to get some ice cream from one of the food trucks. 

We had so much fun at Matthews Alive we even went back the following day for the petting zoo and some more rides.

Then, the following weekend Devin took her to the Yiasou Greek Festival with some friends while I stayed home (it was SUPER hot and I was feeling VERY pregnant and not in the mood to go sweat buckets). 
I wasn't there to take pictures, but some friends send these to me while I was home with my feet up. 
Please note Devin's Carolina Panthers themed Hawaiian shirt. I bought this for him for Christmas last year as a joke present because I thought it was about as tacky as it gets... Lesson learned, because he LOVES it and wears it all the time 😂 #oops
Evidence of the reason I stayed home. I was 38+ weeks at this point and did not feel up to going out in 95+ degree weather. Call me crazy
That same weekend my sister had suggested that we take Lily Grace to Lazy 5 Ranch, which is the most incredible drive-thru zoo about an hour outside of Charlotte. 
Devin and I had been before with friends when we were first married, but I had forgotten how much fun this place is! According to a little article I found about it, the place has over 750 exotic animals from 6 continents on 185 acres of property. It really is so much fun for both kids and adults. 
At a couple spots we were completely stopped, so Dev pulled LG out of her carseat to sit in his lap. She got such a kick out of the animals coming up to the car and eating out if their hands. 
She was in awe of the giraffe :)

My last week of work before maternity leave went by like a whirlwind. I was so busy trying to get everything prepped for the long term sub and then on my last day, my sweet teacher friends surprised me with a baby "sprinkle"! I did not see this coming AT ALL
These women have been there for so many of my major milestones: my wedding, our first baby, and now our second. I know I've said it before, but I am so incredibly blessed by how much I love my job. My school, these women, and the sweet families at our school are truly extraordinary. 

Now we are just waiting on this baby to come! My original due date is tomorrow, but we all know babies come when they're ready so who knows when this baby will actually be here?? Lily Grace was 6 days late and we are hoping we don't have to wait that much longer. Please add us to your prayer list this week for a safe delivery!


  1. You are so close to baby time! How exciting!!

  2. Prayers for a safe delivery! Hope it all goes smoothly! Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road