Wednesday, October 31, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

Happy Halloween and Happy What's Up Wednesday!! This is always one of my favorite posts of the month. I love reading to see what all of you are up to and sharing our updates too :) Just like last month I don't have a legit answer for every question, so I only answered the ones that were fitting :)
Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff

Monday, October 29, 2018

What I Pack in My "Personal Item" For a Long Flight

Hi There! So we have just wrapped up one big trip and now are gearing up for our next one in November. This time we are going somewhere much farther away and I am already starting to plan for our 24+ hours of flying. 
Tegallagang Reis Terassen in Bali. Den passenden Koffer findet ihr hier:
Can anyone guess where we're going?? This will be our last international trip together for awhile, so we decided to go all out. :)
Friday, October 26, 2018

What I've Been Priming

Hey all! I figured I was due for another "What I've Been Priming" post since it feels like we are getting a new package in the mail every other day around here :)
1. Duck Marble Contact Paper I had previously ordered a different brand contact paper and was disappointed when it came, so I went with this brand instead. MUCH better looking! I did a little before/after here and plan on posting an updated tutorial sometime next week. 
2. Our Hiking Backpack-- We took this with us to Amsterdam and it was the perfect size to hold everything we needed and it also has a water pouch to help keep you hydrated. We used this last weekend when we went hiking in the NC mountains and plan on using this for many trips to come!
3. Tripod- A friend of our who takes pictures recommended this tripod for traveling. It folds up really small and can fit into our hiking backpack for our trips. 
Tan Towel Self Tan Towelette Classic, 10 Count
4. Tanning Wipes- I wanted a little glow and figured I didn't need the full size wipes now that the weather is cooling off. 
5. Girl, Wash Your Face- I loved this book so much I bought 3 copies as gifts for Christmas presents! Yes, I start buying my Christmas presents super early (I actually usually start in the summer). It makes the holidays more enjoyable to me if I'm not stressed about finding everyone the perfect gifts last minute.
Avantree Cell Phone Clip Holder, Gooseneck Clamp Universal Lazy Mount Flexible Long Arm Bracket for 3.5-6.3 Phones Mobile Stand for Bed, Office, Kitchen CP901
6. Cell Phone Holder Clip- I saw this on another blog I follow, the family clips this to their stroller/chair/whatever they can find in order to get pictures of all 3 of them instead of the dad always being left out. I guess it's kind of like a selfie stick except you can get more in the picture because it can be set back farther. The family said they also use it to put on some Youtube videos at the store/somewhere they need both hands. I haven't used it for that yet, but I guess it's good to know its an option!
Crispy Green Freeze-Dried Fruits, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, No Sugar Added, Fruit, Tropical Variety Pack, (16 Count) (Packaging May Vary)
7. Dried Fruit Snack Packs- We have another big trip coming up where I will want some non-perishable healthy snacks with us. I bought these because they had no sugar added and wouldn't go bad if we didn't end up eating them right away.
Pro Acme Classic Polarized Aviator Sunglasses for Men and Women UV400 Protection
8. Polarized Sunglasses- I lost yet another pair of sunglasses last weekend in the mountains and grabbed this two pack of aviator glasses for $17. Anybody else go through glasses like crazy?

So that's what I've been Priming lately! What about you? Anything you'd recommend I add to my cart? Have a good one!
Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Blowing Rock NC in the Fall

We were so lucky to get to spend this past weekend in the mountains, and it was GORGEOUS! The leaves were turning golden yellow and beginning to fall, the temperature was in the 50's and the sun was out.. it was beautiful. Here are a few pics of how we spent our weekend:

Monday, October 22, 2018

How I... Hygge (That Perfect Cozy Feeling)

Good Morning! A couple weeks ago on our flight to Amsterdam I read The Little Book of Hygge and it got me SO ready for fall! For those of you that aren't familiar hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is a word used by the Danish to describe all things cozy and what causes the cozy feeling. It has me so excited for the weather to cool down (which it finally is thank God!). I can't wait to cuddle up with a blanket, a fire, and a mug of hot chocolate. These are some of things we already do around our house to help give it that hygge feeling:

Friday, October 19, 2018
Tuesday, October 16, 2018

What I've Been Wearing to Work

Hey There! Before we start today I want to tell you about an app I recently shared with my girlfriends and thought I'd share with you too. Ya'll I have not paid for a Starbucks drink in over a year because of this app (granted I only try to go to Starbucks once a month-ish, but still). If you shop at Trader Joe's, Target, and Wal-Mart like I do, then you have to download the Drop app. You link your cards to it and you get points just for shopping at the stores you normally shop at. Once you reach a certain # of points, you get a free gift card to Starbucks downloaded straight to your phone. It is seriously one of my favorite things ever. If you use the code gec3k when you download it, you get a free $5 towards Starbucks immediately! Without spending anything! It's worth downloading just for the free drink, right? Just a tip though, it takes a few minutes for the app to verify your info and then get your Starbucks card, so if it doesnt happen immediately don't give up and delete the app. It'll eventually load.

Anyway, it has been a little over a month since I posted the outfits I had been wearing to work and that post seemed to be a hit, so I decided to write another one! Here we go:
 Black Highwaisted Jeans/ Black T Shirt (only $8!)/ Brown Kimono (this is old but I found several similar options here, here, here, and here)
Monday, October 15, 2018

Amsterdam Part 2

Hello again! If you haven't already read part 1 of our Amsterdam trip, you'll probably want to go back here and read that first. Today I am picking up where I left off and finishing the rest of our trip.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Amsterdam Part 1

Good Morning! I am sitting here sipping my coffee in bed flipping through our pictures from Amsterdam and wishing we were still there... that trip was exactly what we needed! Life has been nonstop around here since the beginning of August and it was so nice to have a weekend away where we did what we wanted, when we wanted to. I love traveling with Lily Grace and I am all for family vacations with kids, but having the ability to sleep in and go out to dinner in peace was a dream come true!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

How I... Meal Plan

Today's topic is all about how I meal plan for our family. It's really pretty simple, so hopefully I can keep this short and sweet! 

Monday, October 8, 2018

How I... Practice Yoga

Hi There! Today I am starting a new series of posts all about how I do a particular thing. I love reading how other people approach some of these mundane "boring" tasks that we all have to do (exercise, clean your house, plan your day, etc.) and thought maybe some of you might be interested in that too! I'd love for you to comment a link to your blog below if you ever post things like this... I'm hoping to get some new ideas to spice up my routine. :)

Anyway... today's post is about one of my all time favorite forms of exercise: yoga. I have always had an interest in yoga, and growing up I remember my mom practicing at home along with some workout DVD's (or VHS, do these exist anymore?? Denise Austin was her favorite!). I went to a yoga class here and there in college but didn't really get into it until my first year out of college, when one of my good friends was studying to get her yoga teacher training and wanted to practice her routines on me and some other girlfriends. We had small group lessons with her once a week(ish) for a few months until she got certified and started teaching for real. After that, I really started trying to practice as often as possible and trying to push myself to try new moves. 

Friday, October 5, 2018

What I Packed for Our Long Weekend in Europe

Our trip is finally here! As you read this post I am currently joining Devin on his work trip to Amsterdam!! For those of you who have Instagram I would love for you to follow along with us on our trip! My username is lcdarrell. 

So I have been obsessively checking the weather for this trip every day for the past few weeks (I know our forecast wasn't up yet, but I wanted to get a feel for what the weather might be like when I was out shopping). It turns out our weather is going to be in the 50's and 60's and sunny (heck yeah!). I was so pumped to get a little taste of fall weather because it is STILL in the mid 80's here EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

This is what I packed for our trip:
This will be my outfit for the plane. I LOVE this faux Burberry plaid blanket wrap for traveling because it's like having a wearable blanket on those cold flights. I got mine for Christmas 2 years ago, but here is a very similar one. The pants are super stretchy high waisted black jeans, and if I'm being real.. my Tory Burch flats are fake. I have a girlfriend who lives in Shanghai who brings me fake stuff when she comes home for Christmas and I had her bring me these one year (thanks Sam!). If you can afford the real ones, more power to ya! The link to the real shoes is here. Sorry I can't give you a link to the $10 version... surprisingly there is no website for that ;)

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Marble Contact Paper Before/After

Hey there! Hope you're all doing well. I mentioned a few weeks ago in a post that Devin and I are hoping to do some major renovations to our house and we plan to include the kitchen in those renovations. I LOVE our house and love the area we are in... but the house was built in 1972 and our kitchen is about the size of most people's Master closets. We both love to cook (and I love to bake!) and having a bigger kitchen that was more family-friendly is at the top of our list. 

Monday, October 1, 2018

Book Club- September

Epic Reads Charts for Book Nerds
Haha, so true, right?