Friday, November 5, 2021

31 Days of Skeleton Antics

 Hello hello! Last year when we moved out of our house for the renovation, we moved about 20 minutes outside of the city to a town called Matthews. We were living there during the month of October and one of the houses down the street had skeletons outside who did something new every day. Our kids LOVED the skeletons and got so excited to drive by and see what they were doing. Even on days we didn't have anywhere to go, we still made an adventure out of going to see the skeletons. About halfway through the month Devin and I said "we should do this at our house next year. The kids/families in our neighborhood would love it." So fast forward a year and guess who the new crazy skeleton family was?? US! 

We had a blast doing this! Our house is the neighborhood bus stop and it brought me so much joy to see the bus pull up and all the kids pull down their windows to see what the skeletons were doing. We had such sweet, positive feedback from our neighbors, the mail carrier, UPS drivers, and even random people who don't live in our neighborhood but drove through just to see them. It was a lot of work but was 100% worth it to know that we brightened people's days.. even if just for a minute!

Today I am sharing with you our 31 days of skeletons! I'd love it if you left me a comment telling me which was your favorite! Maybe we will do that one again next year. πŸ˜‰ Oh and for reference, their names changed a bit but we finally settled on Grace Skelly and Scary Grant. So if you see me use those names, you'll know who I'm referring to!

Day 1: We started out the month simple. A Happy Halloween banner. 

Day 2: Yoga.

Day 3 was a home football game-- so they were representing the Carolina Panthers! 
Day 4: Scary Grant is pushing Grace down the slide. The wig was a big hit with the kids!
Day 5: Climbing the tree to hide from the spider.
Day 6: Soccer
Day 7: Kayaking
Day 8: Day 8 was rainy, so they had an umbrella and rain poncho/jacket thing. Rainy days were the hardest because some of our props couldn't get wet!
Day 9: Scary Grant pushing Grace in the stroller. This was one where I didn't have a lot of time this day and felt like it was a let down... but then our UPS guy said it was one of his favorites! I guess that goes to show that everyone has different preferences!
Day 10: Camping! This was one of my favorites! LG and Dev had gone camping that weekend so we left the tent up in the backyard, then just brought it around to the front for the skeletons. It was easy sine it was already set up anyway!
Day 11: Sunbathing
Day 12: A picnic. It was Lily Grace's idea to put the orange in Scary Grant's mouth. She thought she was hilarious. 😊
Day 13: Sidewalk Chalk in the street!
Day 14: Riding bikes! Can't forget the helmet!
Day 15: Scary Grant was feeling romantic. He got Grace Skelly some flowers and got down on one knee.
Day 16: Bathrobes, slippers, and coffee.
Day 17: Raking leaves
Day 18: The romance turned sour. Scary Grant dumped Grace in the trash.
Day 19: Construction Workers 
Day 20: Reading Halloween books in the hammock
Day 21: This one was all Devin. It wasn't quite the "sweet family friendly" vibe I was going for, but the adults in the neighborhood found it hilarious. 
Day 22: Archery practice
Day 23: This one has a fun story behind it! One day I heard a knock on our door and opened it to see our sweet older neighbor Greg. He said he had an idea for the skeletons and would get the props if we wouldn't mind letting him have a turn.  I said of course! I loved that some of the neighbors were getting so into it! Well it turns out that when Greg retired from his corporate job he went to work at a local brewery in his retirement... so this was Greg's idea: 
Not at ALL what I expected Greg to have up his sleeve πŸ˜‚. Even the spider is getting in on it. Devin and I could not stop laughing. It brought back more than a few college memories-- hah!
Day 24: On Day 24 Scary Grant and Grace Skelly remembered they weren't in college anymore and can't party like they used to. πŸ˜‰

Day 25: It was very windy and rainy on this day so we needed something that could get wet. How about an inflatable pool and a boogie board?? We forgot to zip-tie the boogie board down though and I found it down the street later in the day-- oops!!
Day 26: My personal favorite.. school! Grace was the teacher and Scary Grant is raising his hand to answer the question. 
Day 27: A luau!
Day 28: Exercising together
Day 29: Riding the roller coaster together
Day 30: Carving Pumpkins
Day 31: Costumes! And we won the neighborhood decorating contest! Scary Grant is a mummy and Grace Skelly is a witch.
Like I said, we really did have a lot of fun with this! We are already looking forward to next year and can't wait for the fun it brings to the neighborhood. Please leave a comment below telling me your favorite skeletons!
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  1. what a great idea, and tradition for Halloween!

  2. So fun! Favorites are: yoga day, climbing in tree, kegger party and the day after ��
    Also like the sidewalk chalk idea, but for some reason that one felt 'too real' and freaky LOL

  3. This is so fun! We had a house that had a bunch of skeletons and they were running a marathon. Just an idea for next year to have some joggers :)

  4. So much fun! This is next level commitment, but I love it!

  5. Climbing the tree, sidewalk chalk and construction workers. Great job!

  6. How fun and sweet! I don't think I can pick a favorite!

  7. How fun, and creative! My faves are the kayak and yoga.

  8. I love all of these so much, I can't pick a favourite!! I am not a big Elf on the Shelf fan, but I can get on board with this level of effort for the skeletons!

  9. I can't pick a favorite! I love that the neighbor got into the action.
    Thanks for sharing-so impressed with your ideas!