Tuesday, November 2, 2021

What I'm Priming: October

 Good morning friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend. Ours was SUPER busy and I have to say I am incredibly grateful the kids didn't have school Monday. Everybody was wiped out from all the parties/parades/trick or treating. Now I am thankful we are headed into a relatively normal week. Praying for the peace and calm that a routine can bring!

Today I am linking up with Tanya for Prime Purchases. Here are my purchases for the month:

Pumpkin Waffle Maker: When Shay posted this last month I knew the kids would love it. We had just bought some pumpkin waffle mix, so why not grab a pumpkin waffle maker too? We used this thing a lot this past month! I had initially thought about putting it away with our Halloween stuff, but decided pumpkins were a November thing too-- so we kept it out! The waffles are tiny, which is nice because sometimes I only want one small one.

AA Batteries-- We seem to go through batteries pretty quickly around here. Our kids don't even have that many toys that use batteries, but the ones that do get used up fast! I know Costco is a cheap place to grab them too, but this one had same day delivery and I didn't have to worry about lugging two kids to Costco just for batteries.

Screen Protector-- My old screen protector on my phone got a crack in it. I have used this brand for years and love it. They come with a video tutorial that shows how to best put it on. It is easy, cheap, and works well. 

Initial Necklace- An initial necklace I saw on an Instagram ad kept popping up and I had been debating buying it. Then, what do you know, Amazon recommended a very similar one to me for a fraction of the price. It's so creepy when they do that, but obviously it worked because I bought it. It looks very similar to the one I was looking at and was much cheaper.

Sidewalk Chalk-- The kids were out of chalk and since it's still nice enough to play outside here most days, I grabbed some more.

Face Moisturizer-- This is my all time favorite face moisturizer. It is very hydrating but also lightweight and doesn't make my face look oily. I had never heard of this brand until a few years back when I started getting my Ipsy bags. I use several of their products now and have yet to be disappointed!

Thanks for following along today! Have a great day!


  1. Oh I love the necklace and want to try that face moisturizer!

  2. The initial necklace is so pretty, and a fraction of the price of the one at Nordstrom! Thanks so much for linking up!