Monday, March 27, 2023

Fun with Wigs :)

Hi there and happy Monday! I hope you all had a good weekend. I was able to spend some great quality time with my two best friends yesterday and quality friend time is food for the soul! It really fills my cup to spend time with my two best girlfriends. Now I feel energized and ready to head into the week ahead. Hopefully you do too!

Today I am sharing all about my journey to find the "right" wig. Well let me tell you, it was quite the journey! I thought it would be as simple as "find one you like, buy it, all done," but that was not the case. 

For the most part, I am just staying at home or running light errands, so prior to finding a wig I walked around looking more or less like this:

This picture is a couple weeks old, I am pretty much completely bald now. I don't hate my bald head as much as I thought I would. I throw a baseball cap or a cozy beanie on to keep my head warm, and then go about my day. 

Ya'll... finding a good wig is no easy feat. My grandmother had breast cancer back in the 90's and I remember her complaining about how difficult it was to find a wig that wasn't obviously a wig. I am sad to report that while things have improved since then, it is still a VERY difficult process! Especially to find a blonde wig. Good "real hair" blonde wigs can be found, but they can get really darn pricey. 

We started at a local wig shop, and while Devin and I had fun looking through the wigs and me trying them on... it was very obvious that they were fake hair. I was also bummed with the limited selection they had. Charlotte is a big city, surely I am not the only one out here trying to buy a wig. Yet the wig shop's selection was so small they didn't even have blonde wigs in stock. Isn't that crazy? Not a single blonde wig in a wig store. What the heck?

I had fun trying them on, but my goal was to look like my regular self in order to keep things as normal as possible for our kids. 

Since the store turned out to be a bust, we attempted shopping online. I could summarize this next segment as "what you see in the picture online is NOT what's going to arrive at your house". That being said, some of them were so bad they were laughable... so I'm happy to share!

First up... what I ordered:
Vs. what came...
This one is the best of the bad wigs, it wasn't terrible, but it also wasn't what I ordered based on the picture. It may be hard to tell in pictures, but for some reason this wig has really dark roots, and the highlights were very streaky. You can kinda tell in the pictures, but honestly, it's 10x worse in person. Also, why does it even have roots? 😂 I have paid plenty of money over the years to cover up roots growing in, there is no way I was intentionally buying a wig with roots!!

The next one I bought had more of a balayage look to it. This was the picture on the website:
Now, I know what you're thinking... "she just made such a big deal about the roots on that other wig, but this looks like it has roots?" But balayage is supposed to be a subtle blend that looks natural. I wasn't sure it would work out, but figured it was worth a shot to at least try it. Anyway, this is what arrived at my house:
I mean what?? That is anything but a subtle fade! It's hard to tell in the picture but the roots had a reddish tint to them. 

This one is my personal favorite. Ya'll, it was SO. BAD. Now for this one, after I struck out with the first two I asked around for recommendations and someone said "the best luck I had was with a cheap Amazon wig". So, I turned to Amazon. This is the picture from Amazon of what it "should" look like:
And this is what came:
I mean... what?! I was cracking up!! That color is nothing like the picture. What are those random baby hairs? You just have to laugh at this point, right? I still laugh just looking at this one.

There was a 4th wig but I forgot to take a picture of it before returning it.. trust me when I tell you it was another bad one. 

So I asked around, yet again, and a friend led me to Gardeaux Wigs. Now these are not cheap, but my friend sent me a picture of hers and it actually looked like the website claimed it would. I figured at this point I needed to just bite the bullet and go for a pricier one. I am happy to report that this one actually looked like me!

I love that I can look in the mirror and not look sick. I honestly think it does wonders for my mental health to be able to see myself looking healthy. When I see myself looking healthy, I feel healthier, and I truly believe that makes a difference. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I am hoping to see you back here for What's Up Wednesday. Today I am linking up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday. 


  1. I love what you ended up with! But, wow - what a crazy ride to get there. Why aren't there better wigs?

  2. First of all I am sorry you have to go through this battle but 2nd and more importantly you are beautiful inside and out. You looked great in all of them but I get what you mean and wanting to look like yourself and not sick- LOVE the one you ended up with! XO

  3. You look great altogether but I'm glad you found one that works! Some religious Jewish women wear wigs that look very natural but they are like $5000+!

  4. I second the comment above, you did look fine in all of them because your smile is what I see when I look at your photos, not your hair. That said, I can appreciate that you wanted to feel like you and hair is so much a part of that. I love the one you ended up with!

  5. I am literally amazed at how much that looks like you!! I would never guess that wasn't your actual hair. Also, wig shopping sounds defeating, but like it was a good time lol!

  6. This wig-post had me laughing out loud. How can the majority of wigs look so good in the pictures on the internet and yet so horrible in real life? The one you finally found looks so natural and beautiful. And you look equally wonderful bald. I am so glad you now have the choice of which look you want to go for every day

  7. Who knew that finding a wig would be so difficult? I'm so glad you found one that looked like YOU! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I'm so happy that you found the right one in the end. What a journey and what a shame that they don't have better options in this day and age. Your bright beautiful smile is always the first thing that I notice in all your pics.

  9. I am kind of shocked that it is STILL so hard to find a good wig; but thanks for sharing your process with us all because you really do have to laugh at some of these. So glad you finally found one that looks fabulous. I completely agree that seeing yourself looking good and having that metal picture helps feel better too-- it's amazing what the mind can do.

  10. What a wig journey you were on! The one you ended up with looks just like you. I love it. I never would have thought it would be so hard to find one.

  11. Wow, I can't believe it is so hard to find a decent one! The one you ended up with looks great and I'm happy it can help mentally as well, I'm sure that makes a huge difference!

  12. That is sad that it is so hard to find a good wig. I didn't realize how expensive a good wig costs either. You look great in all of them.

  13. Love the one you chose! In case you are still searching--I am an Orthodox Jew and we cover our hair for religious reasons. For that reason, many of us wear wigs and most people I know have at least one wig in their closet that has never been quite "them." I often donate gently used wigs to those going through cancer, and I may be able to find a blonde wig if you still need!

  14. I was SHOCKED at how expensive they are and was disappointed that my insurance did not cover any of the cost. I bought one that was $400 (not real hair...the one I loved was $2000) and wore it exactly once. I felt so self-conscious even though it was a great wig. So I just rocked a bald head:) Yours looks beautiful!