Friday, December 22, 2023

Disney Trip Part 2!

 Good morning friends! I had to stop and think to figure out what day of the week it was as I write this. I get so discombobulated when we are on a break, I feel like I never know what's going on! 

Today we are doing the next part of our Disney trip with a recap part 2! Where we left off, our little family of 4 had gone to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, then had a no-park day.  Now, at this point of the trip, my parents and younger sister Jenni were joining us-- yay!!! Also, my parents brought the Double BOB stroller so the kids didn't have to sit in each other's laps anymore-- double yay for the double BOB! 

Day 4: Epcot

This was our last morning of staying on property at the Hilton Bonnet Creek, so we got to Epcot early with the rest of the Disney hotel people at 8:00, ready for rope drop at 8:30. 

We headed straight to the Ratatouille ride. 

Devin and the kids love this ride... I, however, do not! My motion sickness gets so bad I have to close my eyes or stare down at the floor. Cute concept for a ride, but I struggle with the 3D ones every time. All that to say, everyone else loved it and I was happy that they were happy, so I enjoyed it too, even if my eyes were closed for half of it. 😊

After Ratatouille, we headed to the Frozen ride. We waited 20ish minutes-- not bad! Both kids love the Frozen ride-- I mean, who doesn't? For those of you who have been going to Disney for years, remember when it used to be just the Norway ride with the trolls? That was cute too, but I think making it Frozen themed was a smart move. 

Also, yes LG is dressed as Raya and Liam is dressed as Olaf. He had an Olaf head but didn't want to wear it, so he just wore the Olaf body. Olaf was a big hit walking through the park, especially the Norway area!!

We rode Test Track (another hit!) and then headed to the new Moana area. 

This was super cute!! Both kids loved it and I thought it was well done. I bet this area is nice in the hot summer months when everyone wants to cool down a bit. 

After Moana we meandered around and rode a few rides here and there. We made our way over to Germany and sat for awhile while the kids watched the trains. 

This was the only day that my legs were bothering me and I took a Tramdol. I let that kick in while the kids watched the trains and then I was good to go! After watching the trains for a bit, we rode the Mexico ride, Finding Nemo, went to the Beauty and the Beast show. The kids LOVE the Mexico ride. We rode that one like 6 times haha! The kids spent a good amount of time playing these little drums:

Which prompted Devin and I to swiftly agree that we will never have drums in our house for the kids haha! They're SO loud!

We had an early dinner reservation at the German Biergarten. This is our only picture of everyone, which makes me sad! Anyone else's parents prefer to take the pictures. but not be in them? Which is sweet of them to offer to take them, but then we have very few with them in the pictures.

We continued to walk around, ride rides, eat all the delicious foods. Then, it was time to head back to our hotel before our next big day at Magic Kingdom.

Thank you all for reading along today! I will be back to finish our Disney posts after Christmas. I hope you and your families have a very Merry Christmas!! 


  1. Usually I'm the one not in the picture! I didn't know there was a new Moana area - fun!

  2. Looks like so much fun. I'd love to get to Epcot one day!

  3. We have 2 family members that struggle with the 3-D rides too (so Universal was awful for them!), and while we all thought Ratatouille was cute even I got a bit dizzy a time or two. I have been guilty of being the one to take the photos and not being in them but I have made a concerted effort to jump in front of the camera whenever anyone asks... sadly I didn't do that for much of the boys' childhoods though.

  4. Exciting Disney adventure! Your trip details and tips are invaluable for planning our own magical experience. Thanks for sharing!