Friday, March 29, 2019

Friday Favorites-- A Random Assortment

Good morning! The weather here today is supposed to be 73 and sunny... does it get any better than that?? If you are looking for us we will be outside soaking in the sunshine and beautiful temperatures!

Today I am linking up with Andrea for Friday Favorites and it is a whole random assortment of things for you today.  
My first favorite is actually one of Lily Grace's favorite things, but has become one of mine too because of something I picked up on one day while reading to her. 

Lily Grace loves Pete the Cat. I know she's not alone in this! Any other mama's out there whose kiddos love Pete? So one day I was reading Pete the Cat books with her and noticed something about the dedication page. Do you see it too?
Some of the dedication pages inside the Pete the Cat books have Bible verses. So being the curious person that I am, I looked up the verses and they are relevant to the theme of the book. Is that not the sweetest thing? Lily Grace is too young still to really understand the Bible/verses but I think for kids who are a little older, it is so nice to see a Bible verse tied into a story that is made relevant to them. So in one of the books, Pete the Cat and the New Guy, a new kid moves to Pete's neighborhood and tries to fit in with his new friends. He realizes he isn't as good at climbing trees, playing leapfrog, juggling, etc. as his new friends. He starts to feel down about himself when Pete helps him to realize he has his own gifts and talents. The verses in the dedication page of this book are: Matthew 6: 26-34 and 1 Peter 4:10. The Matthew verse is one of my all time favorites about not worrying about things you cannot change, and the Peter verse is: 
"Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms."
Is that not so sweet?? There is not a Bible verse in every single Pete the Cat book, only the ones where the authors were able to make it relevant. I thought it was so sweet and has definitely been a favorite!

Another favorite of mine, especially since becoming pregnant is my Refillable Keurig K-Cup and Disposable Filters. I am a woman who lives for caffeine, and as many of you know, when you are pregnant you have to watch your caffeine intake. I buy a big bag of both decaf and regular coffee and then mix my own in a Tupperware so that it is mostly decaf with just a hint of regular. This way I can  manage having a hint of caffeine without worrying about having too much. I love these because:
- I manage how much caffeine is in each cup of coffee
- They are significantly better for the environment because I'm not throwing away a bunch of plastic that'll end up in a landfill
- It's super easy for me to repurpose my used coffee grounds for our compost bin (my hydrangeas and other flowers love the coffee grounds in our compost bin)
- K Cups are more expensive than buying a bag of coffee, so if I use it often enough (which I do!) it'll save money.
My last favorite for the week is that sandal season is around the corner! I have pulled my favorite sandals, my Jack Rogers Knockoffs, out of storage and have been living in them. I love the look of Jack Rogers sandals but don't necessarily love the price, and was able to find these knockoffs that look almost identical to the real thing. I love these so much I wrote an entire post about them last summer. 

I hope you all are enjoying some warmer weather and sunshine today too! Get on outside and soak it in!!


  1. So sweet about those Pete the Cat books! I love that they not only have a Bible verse but that it actually ties into the theme of the story.

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