Monday, June 10, 2019

Weekend Highlights

Good Morning and greetings from Colorado! Saturday morning our family woke up bright and early and headed to Steamboat Springs, Colorado for our first trip of the summer. I will fill you in on the details of our trip so far in a minute, but before we start, I want to remind you that today begins the first of the new link-up about Weekend Highlights. I love to read about what you all are doing over your weekends and figured the easiest way to get all of us together to catch up about our weekend was through a link-up! If you have a post about any of your recent weekend highlights, please add them to the link up at the bottom of this post. Can't wait to read them 😀

We have been super busy traveling this weekend so mine will be a quick post with many more pictures to come in the future.

On Saturday morning we woke up bright and early (4:30 am kind of early!) and got ready to head to the airport. Lily Grace was very excited to take a plane ride to Colorado. She has been on a plane before, but when she was only about 9 months old and she slept the whole time. 
Here we are at the airport at 7:00 am getting ready to board. 

We were lucky enough to get bumped up to first class, giving us plenty of extra leg room for standing up and coloring...
Please note Devin wearing LG's headband wrapped around his wrist. I promise my husband doesn't wear pink and white flower bracelets just for fun 😄
We were also so grateful for bigger seats... meaning more room for snuggling.
Thank the Lord she was PERFECT on the 3 hour flight there. I had bought these kid headphones on Amazon the week before we left and they were an absolute game changer. 
Same with these Melissa and Doug Water Wow books. If you have any long trips coming up this summer, I really recommend both of these items!!

So our flight went really well, and then we had a 3 hour car ride to our final destination. We stopped and grabbed some lunch and then headed to Steamboat Springs. 
This is from our car ride. Look at that snow still up on the mountain in June 😀

The rest of our afternoon/evening was pretty calm. Just getting settled, unpacking, and relaxing. 
Sunday morning we woke up and went for a walk around the Gondola area of Steamboat. It was a beautiful morning, but a little chilly! When we left Charlotte it was in the mid 80's or higher every day, and when we went out for our walk this morning in Steamboat it was 37 degrees-- brr! 
It actually felt great to be all bundled up and out for a walk without feeling like we were going to melt.

We had the most delicious brunch at Freshie's. If you're ever in Steamboat, you have to go here! It's one of those places where every single thing on the menu looks delicious so it's hard to pick what to eat. I'm sure we will definitely be back before we head home. 
I mean, can we talk about how delicious those cinnamon buns look?

The rest of the day Sunday was spent walking around the cute little Downtown Steamboat area and shopping. We will be here for the next 9 days and have a lot of hiking, bike riding, and more outside fun planned while we're here. Can't wait to continue to fill you all in while we're here!

Don't forget to link up any posts you have about what you've been up to! I love those of you who read my blog so much and would love to read all about what's been going on in your lives too. Feel free to add up to 3 family friendly posts.


  1. 37! That must have felt refreshing. I can't wait to see what you do in Colorado. I've heard it is a great summertime destination. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

    1. It's so beautiful here! I'll make sure to post plenty of pictures when we're all done

  2. Oh my goodness, those headphones are amazing! I'm definitely getting some for my daughter.

  3. Wow! That looks like a lovely town.

    1. It was beautiful! A lot of great trails to hike and explore. We loved it!