Monday, November 11, 2019

Hair Donation

Good morning friends! If you follow me on Instagram (@lcdarrell) then you may have noticed that last Thursday I went into my hair salon, had them cut 10" off my hair, and I donated it. This is the 3rd time I've done this so I figured I know enough about it to be able to answer any questions you might have if you are considering making a donation. I answered the questions most friends/family members have been asking, but if you have any other questions please leave a comment below. I'd be happy to answer!!

Why did you decide to do this? I have done this multiple times and each time was for a different reason. 
The first time I did this because one of my best friends had recently cut and donated her hair to Locks of Love. At the time I was dirt poor (college student!) and loved the idea of being able to donate/help others without it being a financial contribution. My hair was long enough to donate (10" minimum to Locks of Love) if I cut it super short, so I did! I cut it to right around my chin.
If I'm being honest, I HATED this haircut. It took forever to grow out and I did not want to donate hair again until it was long enough to cut for a haircut I liked.

The second time was shortly after our wedding. At around this time I had a family member who was experiencing hair loss and was struggling to find a good wig that she liked at an affordable price. She was very fortunate and was better off financially than some, and despite not wanting to pay for the expensive wigs, she was at least able to afford it. It got me thinking about the many people who need wigs but may be struggling to afford one. I had grown my hair out to be super long for our wedding, and was starting to consider cutting it off anyway, so I decided to make a donation. At the time it was about 8" from where I wanted my future cut to be, so I hung in there for a few more months and let it continue to grow. Then, when it was long enough for the cut I wanted, I cut it again. I donated it to Locks of Love.
This time around it was cut to my shoulders and I liked this cut much better! Side note-- think I spent enough time in tanning beds at this point in my life?? Yikes! Do you see why I have to get my skin checked so often now?? If only I had listened to my mom...

The third time was the most recent, and while I absolutely loved having long hair and being able to style it, I do NOT have time for that right now with a 2.5 year old and a newborn. More often than not my hair was just a giant heap of dry shampoo. I knew I needed to cut it, but I didn't think it was long enough to cut 10" off without enduring another terrible haircut. I was scrolling through Instagram one day and stumbled across someone I follow who had just done a hair donation. She said in her post that she had donated to a company who specializes in hair loss for children... and that the minimum length was only 8". I clicked over to their website and confirmed this. I called and made an appointment for the cut ASAP. I only needed to cut off 8", but ended up cutting 10 anyway. Apparently it was longer than I thought!
How did you decide where to send your hair? There are a variety of places you can donate to. The first time I chose Locks of Love because my best friend had sent hers there and had a good experience. The second time I asked my hair salon where they recommended sending it, and they suggested Locks of Love again. This time around, I sent it to Children With Hair Loss. If you're looking for a place to donate, I also found this website to be very helpful.
How long does it have to be? Different companies have different length requirements, so check their website first! Locks of Love is minimum 10", Children with Hair Loss is minimum 8".
Can it be dyed? Yes, as long as it is healthy! I can only speak to the two companies I have donated to, so confirm first if you are looking at another company. 

Hair donation is something that I honestly love being able to do, and I hope one day my daughter Lily Grace chooses to do this too. If you have any questions about it, please leave me a comment! Have a great week :)


  1. OMGosh! Your cut is gorgeous, and I LOVE that you donated it!!!!

  2. Love the new look and I think it's great that you continue to donate your hair.

  3. Love the new look and that donation is going to make such a difference to the person on the other end too!

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