Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Monthly Goals- November

Good morning! I don't know about you but I am really excited about the start of a new month, especially one this close to Christmas. I know that the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is really going to fly this year for our family because: a) Thanksgiving is late this year and b) we will be going to Disney World for a week (woohoo!). My goals for the month of November are going to be mostly geared towards getting organized/prepped for the holiday season so that the month of December isn't stressful for us. I want to spend as much time as possible soaking up all the holiday fun with the kids. Here's a look at November's goals:

Make Santa Reservation Before Thanksgiving-- Our local mall does reservations to see Santa. We did this last year and LOVED being able to bypass the line. That being said, I waited too long to make the reservation and the only time slot left was around dinnertime the day before we left to go out of town. My plan is to make our reservations early this year and get a good time slot!

Christmas Shopping-- This year I am hoping to get as much Christmas shopping done as possible in November so we can spend the month of December doing all the FUN holiday stuff rather than being stressed/rushed. I am also hoping to buy as many things as possible from small, locally owned shops rather than giant chains like Amazon, Walmart, etc. We have seen a few of our favorite brick and mortar stores close around here lately and it makes me so sad to see! I can't help but wonder how much of that is due to the big chains like Amazon making it impossible for a smaller store to compete.

Read 4 Books-- One of my New Year's Resolutions this year was to read 39 books (I read 38 last year). So far I have read 32, so I'd like to knock out another 4 if possible this month. I am currently reading Educated and I can't put it down. I am so happy to already know the author escapes her crazy family but haven't yet gotten to the part where she leaves. I am so intrigued and fascinated by this woman and the strength she has.

Complete 3 Workouts A Week-- I've started working out again and it feels SO good to get back into being physically active. I started the BBG program over again from the very beginning and am struggling to get through some of the workouts! I forgot how hard they can be at first. I'm just doing my best-- I'm happy I'm even able to do a little bit!

Have a great rest of the week!


  1. I booked our Santa visit already! The bookings were open November 1 :) Isn't Educated fascinating? I felt the same way, I knew things had to turn around but I didn't know how. How fun to have Disney to look forward to!! Those Christmas decorations are going to be something else.

    1. I know! Disney does everything so well, I can't wait to see how they decorate for Christmas!

  2. If you are wanting some quick reads, try Richard Paul Evans. All of his books are wonderful and very quick to read (he has a few Christmas series too). And I just finished Things you Save in Fire by Katherine Center and read it in just a few days. I couldn't put it down.