Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Books I Read in June

Hello there! I had big plans to read a ton of books this year (41) but it is not looking like it's going to happen. Life has been a lot busier than I anticipated and I am finding myself struggling to get through the number of books I used to. Maybe once the kids are both in school this fall I might have a chance to play catch up? I genuinely liked all of these books, but finding the time to read them can be tricky!
The Family Upstairs-- I really liked the first 90% of this book, and then felt the ending fell a little flat. There were several scenes where the anticipation was building up to the climax of the book.. and then the end just didn't really do it for me. I thought the ending felt rushed and not well thought out. There was another point where you are led to believe one of the characters has psychopathic tendencies.. but then nothing ever comes of that? The author just kind of drops it and we are expected to be okay with it. It was weird. That being said it was a unique storyline and I did enjoy a majority of the book, so I'd give it a B+.

One Day You'll Thank Me-- I never watched Southern Charm but I had a girlfriend tell me that I would probably like the book even though I wasn't familiar with the author-- she was right, I enjoyed it! I very much appreciated the author's honesty about the nitty gritty parts of motherhood. So many of the things she talked about in the book resonated with me, especially the section on breastfeeding and feeling guilty when it didn't work. I'm not sure I ever talked about this on the blog but I really struggled to breast feed Lily Grace and ended up getting mastitis 3 times back to back. My OB finally sat me down and said "I can't tell you to stop breastfeeding, but I can tell you that your body isn't healing quickly enough in between bouts of mastitis and you are likely to get it again" which I took to mean "girl, buy some formula". I had been so brainwashed by the lactation consultants at the hospital that "breast is best" and felt incredibly guilty that I couldn't give my baby what was best for her. I was such a wreck of hormones, sleep deprivation, and a cranky baby who was struggling to eat and therefore hungry. Reading the chapter about Cameran's struggles to breastfeed made me feel a little less alone. I think this book was a realistic look at motherhood and came away from it really liking the author. I would give it a solid A!

Anxious People-- Oh my goodness, I LOVED this book! Even more than A Man Called Ove, this author's other book. Frederick Backman is so talented at being able to take serious topics and somehow make them lighthearted and funny. I laughed out loud reading parts of this, and then I cried reading other parts. The group of characters in this book are each so lovable and Backman is wonderful at making you care so deeply about each of them. I cannot recommend this book enough-- A+!! If you haven't read it yet, please go add it to your list!

So those are my 3 for the month-- and now I'm wanting to get back into historical fiction. Historical fiction is my favorite genre, hands down. Have any of you read anything good lately that you'd recommend?

Have a great day! See you back here tomorrow for another recipe!