Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Let's Look: Bathroom Organization

 Good morning! Today's theme for Let's Look is Bathroom Organization and as lame as it sounds, I am actually really excited to see how everyone else organizes underneath their sink. All those bathroom products seem to take up so much space but are tricky to stack without getting in the way of each other. I am happy to share our approach to keeping it less messy, but it's nothing special!

First of all, here is my sink in our master bathroom. Our house was built in 1972 and when we moved in we learned that the previous owners had taken it upon themselves to do some DIY renovations. The problem with that? They didn't know what they were doing. So when I open up under the sink and show you what inside looks like, you'll see the pipes are really in the way. I know the pipes are visible under most sinks, but I imagine they aren't taking up a majority of the space underneath.

See all those fun pipes in the way? It makes fitting my things in here quite a challenge!

It is in our plan to one day to a bathroom update, and when we do we'll get new sinks. In the meantime though, we have learned to make do. The biggest thing I do to help it stay organized under here is not to let it get too cluttered. I have storage baskets in our guest bathroom to hold all the stuff I only use a couple times a month (i.e. extra feminine products, certain beauty products, etc.). This way I am only keeping the items I use daily or a couple times a week. 

I put some contact paper underneath as a base. If you've been reading here for awhile you know my love for contact paper and how it can be a cheap way to jazz something up. I bought this contact paper at Target. 

I also bought this organizer at Target. It helps hold all the little items that go under my sink.

I had an old Bath & Body Works candle jar with a cute lid so I emptied the jar, removed the label and now use it to hold all my hair ties and bobby pins.

I also have a container of these clear elastics. 

Under the cabinet I have two little baskets I bought from Target years ago. I couldn't find the link from Target, but these are similar from Amazon. In these baskets I keep my toothbrush, toothpaste, vitamins, melatonin, contact/glasses supplies, parting comb, and various chargers. 

Oh and then I slide our scale underneath (ours is no longer available, but I linked a similar one). It claims to measure our body fat %, BMI, hydration level, and more and while I am fascinated by it and love to track it... I'm not sure how accurate it is. Does anybody else have one of these scales? I'm curious your thoughts. 

Thanks for following along today! I can't wait to see how the rest of you organize this space.  Have a great day!

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  1. This is fun to see! I love the idea of the old candle jars for hair things. I should probably reorganize my area too, yours looks great!

  2. I loved reading about your bathroom organization!! We have the same contact paper in ours. :) I also need a little jar like that for bobby pins! Mine seem to always disappear somehow...haha Thanks for sharing, Lauren!!

  3. I think our pipes do look like that under most of our sinks but we have other storage in our bathrooms and don't put much under ours.

  4. Our bathroom under the sink and drawers is the most unorganized but i know where everything is. i love the idea of using an old candle jar for storage