Monday, December 20, 2021

Disney Trip Part 2

 Good morning and happy Monday! I hope you all had a nice last weekend before Christmas. We missed a week of all the Christmas season fun when we went to Disney so I feel like we have been trying to pack everything in since we've been back. We've baked cookies, made Christmas crafts, made homemade ornaments, went to a Christmas market, went on the Polar Express, and LG went to see the Nutcracker with her grandparents. We've been keeping busy, that's for sure. 😅

Last Friday I posted part one of our trip to Disney World. If you haven't had a chance to read that yet, you can find it here

Now onto day 4, our Epcot day, or as Lily Grace would tell you "the day I met all the princesses and rode the Remy ride".

Epcot opens later than the other parks so we took it as a nice opportunity to let the kids sleep in a little bit longer and get ready at a slower pace. Devin and I on the other hand were up early so we could join the virtual queue for the Remy ride. We logged on right at 7 am (when it opens) and our estimated wait time said we could ride the ride at roughly 4 pm. Isn't that nuts? Some people don't like the virtual queue but honestly I preferred it. I would much rather walk around the park and have fun instead of waiting in line with 2 young kids.

We were still able to get in a little earlier than the rest of the crowd, and as soon as it opened up we headed to Frozen Ever After. This was obviously a big hit with both kids and one of their favorite rides from the whole trip. After the ride, Anna and Elsa were waiting outside to meet everyone and LG was stoked! 

As she waited in line she kept thinking of questions to ask them. When it was our turn she asked Anna "so which one of you is the Queen of Arendelle now?" and Anna told her she was Queen now, Elsa let her be Queen. 

She also asked them how old they were and this question actually stumped them-- they didn't know how to answer and stumbled over it for a few seconds. Surely they get asked this all the time?? I was surprised they struggled to answer! Elsa said "technically I'm a spirit now so I am ageless" and Anna said "I'm 3 years younger than Elsa, but she's ageless, so I guess that makes me ageless too?" Needless to say my 4 year old left with more questions than answers about that one. 😅

The rest of the morning was spent walking around Epcot, eating some snacks and riding the Finding Nemo ride, the Three Caballeros ride at Mexico, and the Beauty and the Beast sing along in France. The kids were starting to get a little tired so we headed back to the hotel to nap, and then came back to Epcot energized and ready to go ride Remy!

 When it was our turn to go the Disney workers scanned our tickets to confirm we were showing up at the right time, we walked in, and were on the ride in 15 minutes. I didn't mind it at all! 

Can we talk about taking pictures with two young kids for a sec? Sometimes you get really cute ones and everyone is looking and saying "cheeeeeese". And then sometimes this is the best you can get:

Such a photogenic family 😂

After Remy we walked around and met 4 princesses! It was Lily Grace's dream come true.

We met Belle..


Snow White...

and Aurora. 

Now Liam had zero interest in meeting any of the princesses, he loves the movie Frozen but didn't care about meeting Anna or Elsa. He really likes Beauty and the Beast yet had no interest in Belle. But then Aurora came out and all of a sudden Liam got SUPER excited and ran over to her. He kept blowing her kisses and then trying to climb over the fence to get closer to her. 😂 We kept joking that it was love at first sight and Liam had no chill. We will have to teach him a thing or two about playing hard-to-get before college. 😉

Lily Grace's favorite was Snow White and she had several questions for her. Snow White was very patient and answered every single one. Lily Grace asked her "where are the dwarves and the prince?" and Snow White said "working at the mine and out riding his horse". Lily Grace asked "do you feel better after your long nap?" (when Snow White eats the poison apple LG thinks she's taking a nap 😂) Snow White said she does "feel much better and I think naps are very nice". Then they talked about dresses and gooseberry pies for a while.  

We made our way back to the hotel to sleep and get ready for our next day: Magic Kingdom again. 

Our first ride of the day was Snow White's Mine Train. This was the first time I had ever been on it and it was really cute! The line moved pretty quickly and we only waited about 20 minutes. Liam wasn't tall enough to ride it so while LG and I rode that, Devin and Liam rode the Peter Pan ride and the carousel.

After Snow White's Mine Train we met back up and then went to go meet more princesses (of course)! We met Tiana...

and Rapunzel...

We spent the rest of the day riding rides and walking around...

 and then we got ready for the parades. We saw all the kids' favorite characters: Mickey, Goofy, Donald, etc. then there was another float with Moana, and a few other characters and then came the float with all the princesses. 

This was the biggest hit for both kids. Liam got to see his true love Aurora again. 😉

We had planned to stay for the fireworks but the kids started getting sleepy since they didn't nap this day. We had seen the fireworks already one other night so we decided we could get back to the hotel and get them in their pajamas and teeth brushed and watched from our hotel window. 

They were too tired to object.

A view of the castle on our way out, all decorated for Christmas!

Our last day we were only able to stay for the morning before we needed to start our trek home. We wanted to go back to Magic Kingdom again but we had already booked our tickets for Epcot and for some reason we couldn't switch to Magic Kingdom that day. 

We rode a few rides, watched the trains in Germany again for a bit...
Went to the Beauty and the Beast Sing Along again...
and then unfortunately it was time to hit the road. 
All 4 of us had the BEST time on this trip and are already talking about going back again in 2 years. 

Thanks for reading along today!! I hope you have a wonderful last week before Christmas!


  1. im jealous you guys got to see princesses. when we went they still weren't doing meet and greets.

  2. so fun!! I'm also jealous you guys got to see so many princesses up close! We only got to see them on the parades and the balcony in the front of MK! Looks SO fun!

  3. It sounds like you had such a great trip! My youngest son HATED ALL the characters on one trip we made to Disney until Snow White showed up at our table and then he was yelling "no white!" He ran right up to her, hugged her, let her plant a big old lipstick kiss on him. It was hilarious! (he was only 2 or 3 and all the princesses thought he was adorable). We used to go every 2 years too.