Monday, December 13, 2021

Not Just a Mom December: Favorite Holiday Movies

 Hello hello! We are back from our trip to Disney and while we are all exhausted, we are also all still riding the high of being in the Happiest Place on Earth for a week. I am hoping to get some blog posts up about our trip within the next few weeks but with the holidays coming up, I'm not sure how often I'll be showing up here on the blog. I still have some last minute shopping to do! Anyone else not done yet? It's crunch time! 😅 

Today I am linking up with the Not Just a Mom ladies and today we are sharing our favorite Holiday movies. 

Now, last year Devin and I ranked our top 5 BEST and WORST holiday movies (you can read that here) and I have to say, not much has changed. We are loyal to what we like. I will say though, there were quite a few movies that should've received an "honorable mention" that didn't make the cut. So here's a look at some of my favorite holiday movies:

White Christmas: Devin disagrees with me on this one and says it "is only Christmas-y in the beginning and the last 10 minutes" but whatever, I still love it! I'm a sucker for an old movie and White Christmas checks all the boxes of things I love.

It's a Wonderful Life: So I had never seen this movie growing up because my mom thought it was too depressing and would always encourage something else instead. Devin finally introduced me to it about 10 years ago and it has become one of my favorites. Is it a little depressing in parts? Yes, but it all comes full circle at the end and is so sweet and happy!

Home Alone: This one was a favorite growing up and still is today. It's hilarious and stands the test of time.

Christmas Vacation: I think Devin and I can quote most of this movie. I love when the old aunt wraps up her cat and the box shakes, I love when the uncle lights the tree on fire, the Christmas lights on the house... so many scenes in this movie are hilarious. 

Love Actually: This is another movie that has stood the test of time for me. I have watched it over and over every year and think I love it more each time I watch it.

The Holiday: Another cute one! I love the storyline, the cute English countryside town that Kate Winslet's character lives, I love Amanda's house in LA, I love that Iris makes friends with Amanda's older neighbors, etc. Such a sweet movie.

Favorite Hallmark Movies This Year: 

I feel like this should be it's own category, right? And we all know how predictable, cheesy, and ridiculous they are-- but sometimes that's exactly what I'm in the mood for! My favorite two Hallmark movies so far this year are Christmas in Rome and Christmas at Castle Hart. Basically I'm a sucker for a Christmas movie that takes place in another country. 😉 

To be honest I haven't had a lot of time to watch other Hallmark movies, so there are probably better ones out there. I'd love to know your suggestions! 

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  1. I don't know if I've ever watched a Hallmark Christmas movie!

  2. I could live watching Hallmark movies all day. I have been recording all the new ones but haven't gotten around the watching them yet.

  3. I used to love It's a Wonderful Life but did think it was a bit depressing.