Friday, December 31, 2021

Goals for 2022

 Happy Friday and Happy New Year's Eve friends!!!! 

This was me weeks ago 😂 Anyone else?


I LOVE the start of a fresh new year and all the potential it holds. I honestly feel like every year gets better for our family, and I genuinely hope the same for each of you. Each year I try to do a physical health goal, a mental/emotional health goal, a reading goal, and then some family goals. 

Here are my goals for this year:

1. Health Goal: Stick With Plant-Based Eating. I know I sound like a broken record here, but I have noticed such a significant positive change in my overall health and wellness when I am getting in more fruits and vegetables daily. I am planning to stick with it and who knows, maybe after this year I'll want to make it a forever thing? Or maybe I'll be over it.. who knows.

2. Mental/Emotional Health: I always feel recharged/rejuvenated after having spent time with friends. Last year I had made a goal to reach out to friends more often about getting together and this was hit or miss. It's tricky to get everyone's schedules to align, but is always worth it once we are able to get together. My goal last year was to try to get together for dinner/game night/Zoom game night, etc every other week. I found it was more realistic for our whole big group to get together once a month. This year my plan is to try to get our big group of friends together at least once a month. As for little hangouts with 1-2 friends, I could easily do that more often than I currently do.. and I need to step it up!

3. Reading Goal: Each year I try to read one more book than I did the previous year. Last year I read 40 books so my goal for 2021 was 41 books. I didn't reach that this year, but I did end up finishing 39 which is still a lot! For 2022 my goal will be 40 books. Thank goodness for audiobooks!

4. Family Goals: One of my goals last year was for Devin and I to get away for a weekend and luckily we were able to head to DC with friends for Devin's birthday. It  is so nice to be able to get away for a weekend just the two of us and have more uninterrupted "us" time. Ideally I would like for us to have a weekend away again, but as our parents age I know it is getting harder to ask them to watch our two super active kiddos for a whole weekend. In the interest of keeping the goal realistic and attainable this year, I am hoping for Devin and I have to more at home date nights. Lately we have gotten into the habit of putting the kids to bed and then either reading or vegging out to Netflix on the couch for a couple hours before we go to bed ourselves. I'm hoping to have us do something different or outside-the-box (basically not Netflix 😉) once a week. Maybe we will do a puzzle, make some fun cocktails/mocktails, do a wine tasing at home, or even just a movie/football game in the backyard on the projector. Once we test out a few at-home date nights I will report back on the good ones!

I sincerely wish the best for all of you as we head into 2022. Hoping and praying for a year filled with happiness, love, fun, and many great memories.

See you back here in 2022. 😘 

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  1. Those are great goals! I have found that as my kids get older, it’s easier for our parents to watch them overnight or for a weekend. So keep trying!! Making time for friends is hard but so important!! Happy 2021!