Friday, February 11, 2022

Friday Favorites

 Hello there and happy Friday! Before we start I wanted to let you know that the Not Just a Mom ladies and I are doing "Day in the Life" posts on Monday. If you have a day in the life post you'd like to link up with us, be sure to come back Monday!

Here are a look at my favorites for the week:

Hair Cut

It was time for a hair cut, and I decided to chop off about 6 inches. 

I'll be honest, I don't love it quite yet. Anyone else get really excited about a new hair cut until you do it? And then you regret it for a few days? Then you get used to it and learn to like it? It happens to me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Tell me I'm not alone here!


For those of you who don't already know, I used to teach at a Catholic elementary school for 11 years and I LOVED it. While I love being home with my two kids, I definitely miss teaching from time to time. Subbing helps me get my "fix", especially when it's at my old school. I sub at some of the other Catholic schools in our area too, because I like to see how they are all unique and a little different from one another. But my former school is still my favorite by a landslide. There is something special about that place. 😊

Mystery K Cups

I stopped by the teacher's lounge while I was subbing this week and the PTO must've recently restocked it because it had alllll the goodies! Score! My teacher friends were teasing me because I got so excited about the mystery k cups at the coffee station. Have you ever seen one of those? They come in a box of flavored coffee, and there is one mystery in each box. I wish I could buy a whole box of mystery, but it turns out there's only one per box. The other flavors looked delicious too if you like flavored coffee.

If I had to guess, I think my mystery flavor was caramel swirl. It was a noticeable flavor, but not too strong. You can check out the box here

Valentine's Crafts/Activities

I saw this easy Valentine's activity on Busy Toddler and thought "we have all those supplies, let's give it a whirl!" 

That's it today, short and sweet! I hope you've all had a nice week! Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites. Have a great day!


  1. Love your hair! I am that way, too. Give it a week! You are so needed right now as a sub and I bet it makes your time home with the kids even sweeter. Maybe you get good ideas, too? I love that little sticker activity.
    Happy weekend!

    1. It's wonderful to show up as a sub and be so appreciated-- hah! And yes, I was checking books back in at the library and brought up the app on my phone for our public library to check out some books for my kids! I love to pop in and out of each classroom (since I know all the teachers anyway) for a chit chat and to see their crafts/activities. Then I go home and make some with my own kids.

  2. I love your hair! I sometimes feel that way but I've always been pretty adventurous with my hair and have said to my hairdresser many a times it will grow back out if I don't like it. I've gone from your length to above my ears before! Then a few months later decided to grow it back out.

    1. You are so right, it will always grow back! It has already grown on me a bit, I think it just takes me a few days to get over how different it is. And wow, above your ears! I bet it looked great on you!

  3. I always regret a haircut, it's either too short or not short enough (so why did I even bother?). Your hair does look nice :)

    1. I agree 100%!!! It's either too short, or not short enough. In this case, too short for my liking. ;)