Monday, February 28, 2022

Join Me in Prayer for the People of the Ukraine


Like I'm sure most of you, my heart has felt very heavy watching the events unfold in Ukraine. I've seen videos of premature babies surviving in makeshift bomb shelters, lines of people at banks who are unable to take out the amount they need in order to flee, and fathers leaving their families to go off and fight.

It feels unfair that I get to go about my everyday life when so many others are fighting just to survive theirs. I can't help but feel guilty for smiling and laughing with my children while other people are going through such traumatizing events, but I also know that exposing my children to this at 4 and 2 would not be helpful, only upsetting and confusing to them. All I can do is pray, and be mindful of how I am consuming the news. It can be so easy to watch the events unfold all day, but again, that isn't helpful to the people of Ukraine nor is it healthy for me. 

If you are feeling confused, worried, and helpless, you aren't alone. I’m sure we are all feeling this way right now.

In Matthew 18:20 Jesus says "where two or three are gathered in my name, I am in their midst." While I know we cannot all get together in person to pray together, I was wondering if maybe we could all take a few minutes at the same time of day to pray simultaneously, from wherever you are. This afternoon, at 2:00 pm Eastern time, I will be saying a prayer for all people who have been affected by the war in Ukraine. I would love it if you would join me. Maybe you'll be at work, maybe you'll be at home, maybe you'll be out running errands.. but if you'd like to join me, I ask that you please take a few minutes to stop whatever you're doing and say a prayer for those involved. 

Sorry to be so heavy on a Monday. I had a different post in mind, but this is where my heart is right now and it felt weird for me to ignore it. 


  1. well said. It is hard to express words on this whole situation. I feel horrible for those who are really dealing with this but need to put a smile on our face for our kids.

  2. I've put a reminder in my phone, I'll be joining you in prayer at that time.