Monday, April 11, 2022

Not Just a Mom April: What's For Lunch?

 Hello hello friends and happy Monday! Today Adrienne, Dara, Jennifer, Joanne, Sarah and I are bringing you another "Not Just a Mom" post. This month's theme is: "What's for Lunch?" In the interest of keeping this as real as possible, I took pictures of mine and the kids lunches over the past week. Why not Devin's? Well first of all he was out of town. But even if he had been home, Dev usually does his own thing for lunch. Sometimes he takes leftovers, sometimes they have lunch catered at work, and sometimes he goes out for lunch. I never know what his schedule is, so I let him handle his own food and I focus on myself and the kids (hence the pictures). 

The kids both have Bentgo lunchboxes that I use to pack their lunches for school. I really love these and think they have been super helpful when it comes to packing their lunch every day. Not only are the environmentally friendly because they eliminate us using extra plastic/trash, but they are helpful for reminding me to pack a little bit of each category from the food pyramid too. 

Since they are broken up into 5 sections I try to some type of sandwich, a fruit, a veggie, some cheese, and some nuts (Liam is not allowed to take nuts this year, so I put raisins or something else small in the last little section for his). The Bentgo's fit perfectly into their L.L. Bean lunchboxes

Let's have a look!


LG has school on Monday's but Liam does not, so I only had one school lunch to pack. She had PB&J, broccoli, strawberries, cheese cubes and pistachios.

Liam ate at home with me and he had PB&J, cucumbers, and cheese cubes. 

I had some arugula that needed to be used, so I made one of my favorite salads: my lemon arugula salad


The kids both had chicken nuggets with a packet of Chick-fil-a sauce. Whenever we go to Chick-fil-a they always give us too many sauces, so I keep them in a drawer for when I pack nuggets in their school lunches. They also had oranges, cucumbers and raspberries. LG had honey roasted peanuts and Liam had cheese cubes.

I am SO happy warmer weather is here because that means it's time for one of my all time favorite lunches!!

I made these Thai rice paper wraps and they are sooooo good and somehow very filling. They are a little time consuming to make so I don't make them often, but when I do I am always very happy I took the extra few minutes. See how sloppily they were thrown together? The beauty of these is that it really doesn't matter how well they are wrapped (as you can see above), so if you're wanting to try making them don't be intimidated by the wraps!

I don't eat these in the cooler months because it feels like a warm weather lunch, although I really could eat them anytime. I used romaine lettuce, red cabbage, avocado, shredded carrot, cucumber, and sliced mango. I dip them in a low sodium soy sauce.


Oops! I forgot to take a picture of LG's lunch on Wednesday but it was a PB&J, some blackberries, cucumbers, cashews and a string cheese. Here was Liam's:

PB&J, a few graham crackers, and okra tossed in the air fryer with some olive oil, salt and pepper.

And mine was a salad. I had romaine lettuce, a little red onion, tomatoes, broccoli and hearts of palm. I mixed in a little blue cheese dressing. 


The kids had ham and cheese sandwiches, mixed berries, air fried okra, and cheese cubes. Liam had raisins and LG had honey roasted peanuts. 

I had leftover Thai food from the night before. 


On Fridays LG has gymnastics and then we run errands afterwards. This day we stopped at Chick-fil-a and then had a picnic lunch.  The kids get nuggets, fruit cup and milk. 

I got the chargrilled chicken sandwich. 

I can't wait to see "what's for lunch" at your houses! If you are a blogger and wrote a post for today, please link up with us at the bottom! Next month our topic is "Go To Gift Ideas". Just in time for end of the year teacher gifts and graduation gifts.

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  1. Your kids eat well! Mine don't eat all those fruits and such. I like the idea of nuggets in lunch like that! They don't mind them cold? Your hearts of palm salad looks really good, as do all your other options!

    1. Luckily they are pretty good eaters! LG is a better eater than Liam, but if he is hungry enough he will eat the veggies too. I think the nuggets are kinda lukewarm (which actually sounds gross now that I think about it), rather than cold. Either way, they don't complain!

  2. I love that your kids eat raw veggies Mine will eat cooked veggies on a good day. I am stealing the idea of saving the dip containers to put in their lunches. Next year we won't be buying everyday so I will need to pack lunches

    1. Yes I am very lucky that they love veggies! They don't love them all, so their lunches are often a rotation of the same things, but that's okay!

  3. I am intimidated by the wraps! But they do look good and my son loves them so maybe I'll try them out!

    1. I think I Googled a Youtube video on how to do it first, and it honestly wasn't hard at all!

  4. Gosh your lunches look amazing! Need to dial up my lunch game :)

  5. I only have one boy that eats sandwiches so I was relieved when we began homeschooling and no longer had to pack them! Everyone's meals look delicious and healthy.