Monday, May 16, 2022

Life Lately

Hello friends and happy Monday! I hope you all had a nice weekend. We have a pre-k graduation coming up this week and I am a big ball of emotions about it-- and so is LG! While she is very excited for kindergarten, she has actually gotten a little weepy about leaving her old preschool behind. What a testament to her school that even the kids find it bittersweet to move on. We have had such a wonderful experience at her pre-school and I feel very confident about her being successful next year in kindergarten! 
In the meantime, we have had a LOT going on around here! I'm sure ya'll have been busy too. 

To start, the most important thing we've had going on is that our big girl turned 5!!! 

We had a wonderful day celebrating her on her actual birthday with just family, and then on Saturday, May 7th was her big party. We rented a room at one of our favorite local play places and it was the most FUN birthday party we have had. Sometimes when hosting a party it can be so busy that I don't have time to mingle as much as I'd like, but this venue took care of all the little things we'd need (we're out of water, we need more napkins, etc.) and I was able to spend the whole party hanging out with LG's friends' parents. 
I started the balloon arch two days prior by blowing up most of the balloons. This is the hardest part of making an arch, the rest is a breeze! It comes with a little kit to turn the balloons into a garland and I did a combination of what the kit offered and also what Erika recommended a couple weeks back. Erika's trick helped me to make the arch look more full in the areas where I used small balloons-- I definitely recommend!
I got all the snacks at Costco, then our cake came from Publix. If you have a Publix near you, they have the best cakes! Our sweet girl loved her cake, and has been playing with the little toys that came with it ever since. She has taken the castle pieces out to the sandbox and tried to make a sandcastle with them. 😊
Here's the view of the play place before all of her friends started showing up and the busy-ness started.
And then the fun began! 
One of my sisters, Jenni, was asking me what to get LG for her birthday present and I told her that a one-on-one cooking class with Aunt J would be perfect. LG loves to help me make dinner and Aunt Jenni is an excellent cook. Jenni got her the chef outfit and they made homemade pizzas for the whole fam. 

I hope you all had a nice Mother's Day! On Mother's Day I got to sleep in while Devin and the kids made me breakfast. LG brought it in to me and sat with me while I ate... 
Then Liam came in and wanted to eat the rest of my breakfast. 😆 I was happy to share.
Then we headed to the Whitewater Center but it was much colder than I was hoping it would be. 
We didn't get in the water but instead hiked some trails and did some obstacle courses. 
This past Saturday morning my parents town, Matthews, NC, was doing a little carnival and festival in the the park. This picture below sums up my kids so well... sister is smothering brother with love while he just tries to carry on living his life (and not fighting the love at all). 😍
We took the kids to ride rides and eat all the sugar... 
and then dropped them off for the rest of the weekend with my parents haha!

Devin's birthday is at the end of April and mine is at the beginning of June. My parents were asking us what we both wanted for our birthdays and we said "honestly... to sleep in!!" So as a joint birthday present for Dev and I, my parents hosted the kids for a slumber party while Dev and I did a "staycation" at the JW Marriott in downtown Charlotte. 
We started our afternoon with some pool time, then we rode the little scooters to a restaurant for dinner. Ya'll, if your city has the Bird/Lime scooters I highly recommend!! We love these things. They are so much fun! 
After dinner we went to the baseball game. I love this view from the stadium so much!
After the game we came back to the hotel and slept for 10 hours straight!! I can't tell you the last time I slept for 7 hours straight, let alone 10. The sleep and little bit of time away was much needed. We both felt rejuvenated and very excited to get back into the craziness that is raising two young kids. 

Today I am linking up with Sarah and Holly for Hello Monday. I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead! It is LG's last week of school and then our summer break begins!!! Woohoo!


  1. Oh what a fun weekend- thanks so much for sharing! I now obviously know I need to hire you for any needed balloon arches :)

  2. Wow! So much fun happening lately! HBD Lily Grace! I cannot with the 5 year old AND kinder?! We just turned 4.5 and have another year til Kindergarten because of the late birthday and I already have anxiety about it LOL looks like you guys had a great week/weekend!

  3. so much fun. Happy Birthday Lily Grace, that play place looks like a blast. Happy Belated Mother's Day. What is sleep? I dream of getting 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep again.

  4. I love the staycation as your gift! Lots of fun stuff going on!

  5. Love the birthday party venue and the balloon arch and cake came out perfect! Sounds like you had a lovely mother's day. I love your staycation gift; we've done a few weekends away without kids and on at least 2 of them (that I can remember) we slept for nearly the entire time except for eating!

  6. This was such a fun post to read! You all have been doing all the things! LG's birthday party looked like so much fun. I love the cake. Yay for sleeping in and a staycation!

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