Friday, May 27, 2022

The ABC's of Summer: Fun Summer Activities for Kids

 Hello friends and happy Memorial Day weekend! I hope your weekend plans include some time outside, enjoying good food and the company of people you love. Our plans are to do exactly that in Wilmington, NC this weekend with Devin's family. My plan is to whip up some festive but also healthy recipes. Maybe something like this:

Looks simple enough, right? Pic is from Pinterest because I haven't made it yet. 😊

Earlier this week I was driving through my parents' town, Matthews, and saw they had decorated for the holiday. 
I loved seeing signs of their "Hometown Heroes" posted throughout the town with American flags. Sometimes we fly through holidays only thinking about the "fun" behind them, but not really stopping to think about what we are actually celebrating. While our country frustrates me at times, especially during times like this week, I am still incredibly grateful to be able to live here and live the beautiful life our family is able to live. We have much to be thankful for and it is because of the service of people like the man pictured above that we get to enjoy it. 

Now, onto the "meat" of the post! This past week was our first week of summer and I won't lie to you-- it was a doozy. 😅 In my mind we were going to be able to do all the fun, outside things but the weather did NOT cooperate with us. After being cooped up day after day, we started to get in a rut of playing the same games with the same toys. Which then led to kids arguing over said games and toys. Which led to this momma wanting a Friday and it was only Wednesday. I needed to problem solve-- and quick. I put on my teacher hat and thought "what would I do if this was happening in the classroom", and realized I would: 

A) Make a lesson plan so when my brain was fried and I couldn't think of something to do, it was written out right in front of me 


B) find a way to do some new and different things with the same materials 

So while this isn't a lesson plan per say, it is a calendar of activities we can pull out on a day where we just need something different to do. You should hopefully have all of these supplies already on hand-- no need to go out and grab anything. Some of these activities are rainy day activities, but most of them are to be done outside in good weather. I printed it off on colored copy paper (unnecessary but it makes me happy) and hung it on the fridge. Then when we get a day where I am unable to think of something to do, the activities are already there! 

I love a good theme and "The ABC's of Summer" felt like a winner. I wanted to share it with you in case you are in need of some activities this summer as well. 

You can print the list if you want (Google Doc link here), or just pin it and save it for later. You can do all of the activities, or just pick and choose what works for you! By no means do you need to do these in order, like I said some of them are weather dependent and the weather might not cooperate on the corresponding day. Use it however it helps you! On some days you may need some extra resources, I added them below:

M- Make your own trail mix-- look on Pinterest!
N- Necklace and necktie day-- wear one you already have or borrow from mom or dad
O- Simple Origami fish-- or you can look up easier/harder ones based on ability level

If you use any of these activities, please let me know!

And now, the winner of last week's giveaway is:

Lindsey Redgate!

Lindsey has already been emailed, chosen her prize, and it is on its way to her! 

Thank you very much to everyone who reads this blog. I appreciate every comment, email, and page view more than you know! When I first started this blog almost 4 years ago I was pretty sure only my family would read it, so the idea that more than just 5-10 people read this blows my mind. Thank you!! 

Today I am linking up with Erika and Andrea for Friday Favorites. I am not planning to have a post up for Monday, so I will see you all back here next Friday. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Awesome ideas! You're right, not complicated, but it just helps to have everything in place and thought about in advance when you're losing your mind ;)

  2. These are awesome ideas! When my boys were younger we had a few jars with popsicle sticks where I wrote some easy and unusual activity ideas so we had something we could quickly grab for inspiration when we felt like we were in a rut. I think your idea is a bit better though since you can quickly see them at a glance. Our town does the hometown hero banners too and a few years ago my husband's grandfather was featured on one! It was the year he passed away too and it was so nice to see his smiling face.

  3. such cute fun ideas. i added a some of them to our summer ideas and i'm bored jar