Friday, October 14, 2022

A Day in the Life of Us-- Back to Work!

 Good morning friends and happy Friday!! Today I am sharing our first "Day in the Life" since the school year has begun. Life has been BUSY around here, but in a good way! We have finally settled into our new routine and things are working out very nicely. The day I chose to document for you was less busy than typical because we didn't have anything going on after school. Those days are the best! Without further ado, here's a look at this past Tuesday:

My alarm went off bright and early at 4:30. I wanted to get a little exercise in on this day, and 4:30 is the only time I have been able to find on weekdays. So I woke up, rolled out of bed, made a to-go cup of coffee and headed to the gym. 

The beauty of going to the gym right when it opens at 5 is that I pretty much have the place to myself. No competing for space on the track!

A successful run in the books, now time to go home and shower!

I was able to get showered and dressed before the kids woke up. Then, like I'm sure it is at your house, it's all hands on deck to get everyone fed, dressed, teeth brushed, hair brushed, backpacks packed and out the door! I won't lie to you, there have been some mornings I've broken an actual sweat trying to get it all done in a timely manner. 😅

Then, Devin took both kids to go drop Lily Grace off at school. Even though Liam doesn't go to the same school as her, we let him go along for the car ride while I try to get some stuff done around the house. I was able to unload the dishwasher, throw in a load of laundry, make everyone's bed and get dinner in the crockpot:


Then I went out to check on the skeletons:

We put them out at night for the following day and sometimes it's hard to see in the dark. I wanted to make sure everything looked as it should, and it did! It was basketball day. 😊

Then Devin and Liam came home from carpool, and Liam had a little snack before school:

While he snacked, I got our things packed up and then he and I headed out the back door, opened up our back gate...

...took 30 or so steps, rounded the corner, and we arrived in the school parking lot. Not a bad commute, huh? 

I didn't take any pictures during the school day, but Liam and I were there from roughly 8:15-1:00. Then Liam went to soccer after school. I picked him up from the field behind the school at 1:30.

Then we grabbed an afternoon snack, loaded up in the car, and headed to go pick up Lily Grace at school:
We grabbed our girlie and headed back home to play!
We played outside for a bit:

Then we checked on the chili, and made some cornbread:

While the cornbread was baking, Lily Grace started on her homework...
...while Liam played with his HexBugs. Do you know what HexBugs are? Liam is obsessed with them!

Then Devin came home, we had dinner, and went for a family bike/scooter ride.

After that it was a whirlwind of bath time, pajamas on, teeth brushed, stories read, and bedtime. Both kids were out cold by 6:45 (the beauty of long days and no naps!), so I went out to run a few errands.
I needed a few fall candles for gifts and some dry shampoo from Ulta. Then I headed to the grocery store to pick up a few items, including these pretzels:
Have you had these? Our family LOVES them! Liam calls them "spicy pretzels" and while I can't say they are spicy, they definitely have a strong seasoning flavor to them. We can demolish a bag in 24 hours. 😆

Then I came home and started making lunches for the following day.
While Devin set out the skeletons for the following day. Then we reconvened with some "spicy" pretzels and wine to watch a little tv. 
It was a day well spent and it's safe to say we all slept like rocks at the end of it! 

Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites. Have a great weekend!


  1. These are the sweet days you will want to remember! I used to do evening errands and it was so nice. Love Dots but love making them myself even more. They are super expensive, too! I will have to find that recipe. It is just like the saltines that you can make with the spices? Sometimes people make them with oyster crackers.



  4. I love those types of days too. I like the track at your gym, a nicer option than the treadmill. I used to run on the track at the university gym and I'd spend most of it trying to keep track of how many laps I did (while holding my Discman, ahh the early 2000s!).

  5. What a busy and good day! The weather looks gorgeous, and that 6:45 bedtime is awesome! My son used to LOVE Hexbugs! He played with them for many years. Have a good weekend.

  6. What a wonderful day in the life! My boys loved Hexbugs and we actually "painted" with them one time. It was fun. We "discovered" Dots pretzels in 2019 when we were in South Dakota and we love them too! In fact I just bought a bag for my husband's birthday treat earlier this month.

  7. I love day in the life posts! This was a great day! I love that you can walk to work! It's so nice to have an evening with no activities. Have a great weekend!

  8. I love your commute...and 6:45 with kids in bed...I miss those days! I love the fun! Looks like a great day!