Friday, October 28, 2022

Prime Purchases: October

 Hello Hello friends! I hope you've all had a good week and are ready to head into a fun weekend of Halloween celebrations! 

Today I am sharing my Amazon purchases for the month of October, and holy guacamole... let's just say the title of this post could've been "October 2022, The Month I Spent All of Our Money." I don't know what it was, but apparently October was the month I needed to buy 100 things. 

Hawaiian Shirt-- Lily Grace really wanted to be a Hula girl for Halloween this year, so I got her this Hawaiian shirt and this grass skirt combo:

Together the two are really cute! 

Dinosaur Costume-- Liam wanted to be a dinosaur and this one is really cute on him!! I can't wait to share pictures with you soon!

Witch Hats-- For the Halloween party we threw at our house a couple weeks ago, I got each kid a witch hat and a Room on the Broom book as a party favor. 

Room on the Broom is such a cute book, and the kids all seemed to enjoy the favors. 

Cauldrons-- I got these cauldrons for my pre-k kiddos to do a little baking soda/vinegar science experiment. We put green food coloring in the vinegar and made "witches brew". It was a big hit! 

Bean Bag Toss-- I originally bought this for LG's class Halloween party but it looked like so much fun I bought it for my own classroom too, and then let my kids play with it! It has been a hit!

Bed Skirt-- We put our guest bed on risers in order to store more stuff underneath, and needed a bed skirt to hide the boxes. This one was cheap but still looks nice!

Orthopedic Pillow-- Okay, at the risk of showing my age here... I ordered this orthopedic pillow and it has been a game changer for getting better sleep at night.

 I had been waking up in the night with really bad neck pain from my other pillow, and this one has been much better. I have been sleeping like a rock!

Trace Minerals-- One night last week when I probably should've been folding laundry I went into this internet deep dive about the health benefits of mineral water (yes, mineral water, feel free to laugh at how lame I am 😂). Long story short, here in the US we mostly drink purified or filtered water. When we are drinking filtered water, they are filtering out all the chemicals and toxins (which is a good thing), but we are also filtering out the naturally occurring minerals (which are beneficial to us). By adding a few drops of this, you are getting the potassium, calcium, etc. that you would get in mineral water. The only caveat, start slow by adding the drops because if you do too many at first it can be a natural laxative. Nobody wants that! I feel like this is the equivalent of drinking a Gatorade or coconut water after a workout, but without the extra sugar. 

Souper Cubes-- We have been making a lot of soup around here, which has been great! The only problem is that after 1 day of leftovers, nobody seems to want soup anymore. I found these cubes, which freeze 1 cup serving sizes of soup into cubes. Then you can put them in a Ziplock bag, and pull out one cube to reheat for lunch one day when you're in the mood for soup. Basically, it's just an easier way to freeze and reheat your soup in smaller serving sizes. For a family that eats a lot of soup like we do, these are fantastic. 

What to Eat Pad-- We were running low on our What to Eat pad, which we use every week to plan our meals. We love this and have been using it for years!

Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites, and on Tuesday I will be linking up with Tanya for Prime Purchases. Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. I just ordered the bed skirt! Ours is old and doesn't match! The soup cubes are so smart too!

  2. those soup cubes are brilliant. adding to my cart because I am the only one that will eat leftovers day after day

  3. All the Halloween ideas and activities are too cute. The souper cube is interesting! I've had the same note pad on the fridge for years (I'd bought probably 10 of the same note pad where we write activities and dinner), and I'm on the last sheet. I have another one I purchased over the summer, but it's different. I'm a creature of habit!

  4. Those soup cubes are a great idea!! Adding those to my wishlist for sure.

  5. Great finds this month - now all my tabs are open from clicking your links. :) I am definitely checking out the pillow, as well as the bed skirt. Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases!