Wednesday, October 26, 2022

What's Up Wednesday

 Hello hello and happy almost November! I am happy to be blogging along with Sheaffer and Shay for What's Up Wednesday today. Let's get to it!

What We're Eating This Week: We have some soup on the docket...
 a copycat of Flower Child's Mother Earth Bowl (pictured above.. do you have a Flower Child near you? We LOVE it!), and these Mexican quinoa stuffed sweet potatoes...
What I'm Reminiscing About: Halloween's past! 
Lily Grace's first Halloween! She was only 5 months but had a ton of hair, so we put it in curlers and had her be a little old lady. 
The following year we teased her hair and had her be Albert Einstein. Complete with a mustache attached to her Paci. 

Liam's first Halloween with us! He was 6 weeks old and a baby shark! See him in Devin's arms? Lily Grace was a mermaid and I was a lifeguard (under my jacket)... and then at the last second Devin decided to be Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid. 😂 I told him that was not really the theme but honestly, I had a 6 week old, I can't say I had enough energy to care. 
The following year we had a witch and her "witches bro (brew)"
And then last year, we had Raya and her Pirate brother:
I tried so hard to make a family theme happen but these kiddos were adamant about what they wanted to be. Since Halloween is really all about the kids, this mom's dream of a family costume went bust. Maybe next year!

What I'm Loving: This weather!!!!! It has been wonderful for spending time outside. We have been doing our best to soak it all up while we can!

What We've Been Up To: We have been doing our best to be outside as much as possible. We've been to fall carnivals...
The pumpkin patch...
Going for scooter and bike rides to see decorations...
We also had our big Halloween party over the weekend and it was fabulous!! We had roughly 20 kids and their families there to party and it was adorable. We did some crafts, played some games, practiced Trick or Treating and ate way too much sugar. It was a perfect party!

What I'm Excited About: At the risk of how boring this sounds, I am excited that our life slows down significantly starting this Saturday. It is partially my own doing, but we have been way busier these past several weeks than I would like for us to be and I am very much looking forward to some time to relax.  

What I'm Watching/Reading: House of the Dragon! We wanted to rewatch all the old Game of Thrones episodes first and have started House of the Dragon. I was nervous I wouldn't like it or that it wouldn't compare to GoT, but I actually really like it a lot! Anybody else watching it? I'd love to know your thoughts!

As for reading, yikes! Somehow an entire month went by and I am just now starting a book. Do you know who Lysa Terkeurst is? I don't know if she is famous nationally or just here in Charlotte because she lives here. Anyway, I feel like her books are everywhere. I see them in Costco, Hobby Lobby, Barnes & Noble, etc. (again, is this just because she lives in Charlotte, or do you see them where you live too??) and was curious enough to finally read one. I checked our library's app and "Unglued" was available for immediate download. 
So far I really like it! Lysa seems very relatable and I enjoy her writing style. After a simple Google search I realized her husband (ex-husband now?) owns the Chick-fil-a my family goes to and her husband may not be a very nice guy... time to find a new Chick-fil-a maybe?

What I'm Wearing:
This picture is not new, but I've been wearing this a lot too.
Black Leggings/Black Tee/Brown Kimono (I wish I had a better link for you, but I couldn't seem to find anything that looked similar to this and it's super old. Here are some options: hereherehere, and this one isn't very similar, but cute).

What I'm Doing This Weekend: We are hoping to kick back, relax, and soak up the Halloween fun!

1,000 Hours Outside Update: We were fortunate enough to have some fabulous weather this month, which led us to add another 74 hours this month and it is only the 25th (as I write this). For those of you who don't know, we have been doing our best to spend as much time away from technology and instead spend it outside this year. It has been wonderful for our family and I highly recommend it. If 1,000 hours outside feels too daunting, maybe set a weekly goal to spend 10 hours outside? Maybe 15? If you're curious, I wrote a blog post about our mission to spend 1,000 hours outside here


  1. The Terkeursts are well known. At least one of their daughters is (was?) an IG influencer... I don't keep up with any of them, but I've heard similar things about her husband...

  2. It really is the best time of year to be outside! I love the family costumes - so fun! It was good while it lasted right? Yes, Lysa Terkeurst is well known here in Texas. I have read some of her books (a while back) and heard similar things about her husband. I think they were married, then divorced, then remarried then separated again...all because of him! That's so funny that they are in your area.

  3. i love looking back at all the kids Halloween costumes.

  4. love the witch and witch's brew...too cute! Great job getting outside! I know the kiddos must love it.