Monday, June 5, 2023

Prime Purchases May

Hi there and happy Monday!! It is our first Monday of summer and ya'll I am THRILLED to have nothing on our schedule today. We are going to kick off summer with a lazy day around the house and, if we get to it, make our summer bucket list. 

Today I am linking up with Tanya for Prime Purchases. Let's see what I bought:

 Mascara-- I have only been using clean makeup products since my diagnosis and was struggling to find a good mascara. Multiple people recommended this one and it is the best of the best! If you are also looking for a non-toxic mascara, let me go ahead and save you the hassle. They're all terrible except for this one. 😉

K Cup Filters-- For the most part, when we drink coffee we use these reusable k cup filters. They're so easy to pop into our reusable k cup and then pop out and throw in the compost. 

K Cups-- Occasionally I am feeling lazy and just want to pop a real k cup in, and these are our favorites.

Scotch Tape-- a boring, but practical purchase

Dress-- I saw this dress on Shay's blog and thought it was adorable! I wore it to kindergarten graduation and it received a lot of compliments.

Thank You Cards-- After LG's birthday party we wanted her to write her own thank you cards. These were easy for her and she actually enjoyed them!

Strawberry Vase-- I was a room mom this year and was responsible for getting the end-of-year gift. Our class went on a field trip to pick strawberries, so the other room moms and I thought this strawberry vase was a cute reminder of a fun time together as a class. We put some white hydrangeas in them so the vases could really pop and they were so cute! We got the teachers other gifts too, but this was one of their favorites.

Diamond Painting Kit-- One of the kids at LG's birthday party gave her one of these as her gift and she LOVED it!!! I'm not exaggerating, she spent probably 3 hours completing one (not all in one sitting of course). Art is so calming and soothing to her, and she goes crazy for it. Well, when I found out these were $10ish on Amazon, I grabbed several for her to do throughout the summer. 3 hours of entertainment for $10ish dollars? Heck yes. 

Have a great Monday!!


  1. I didn't know that you could get Thrive mascara on Amazon! Your blue dress is darling!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  2. I second what Jill said - no idea Thrive was on Amazon! Such a great find!

  3. I swear by that mascara! I didn't know it was on amazon! I also really like their Brilliant Eye Brightener - It's a favorite of Millies to get a little "sparkle" on her eyes! I've used Thrive for years and had no idea they were now on Amazon!

  4. i need to try that mascara. you look great in the dress

  5. The dress is adorable! I would definitely wear that.

  6. I have heard great things about that mascara and Thrive in general. The K Cup liners are such a good idea for the environment! YES to all the summer art projects that buy a little quiet time in the house. ;) Thanks so much for linking up!