Friday, June 2, 2023

Life Lately

 Hello Friends and happy Friday! Today I want to share a little bit of what we've been up to lately. We have been busy! Back in April we were able to get away for a quick beach trip...

 The kids were on cloud 9 and played at the beach for hours on end. The water was still way too cold for me, but the kids didn't seem bothered by it. 

A few weeks ago our sweet girl had her dance recital. It was absolutely precious and we loved seeing her in action!

Last Wednesday at LG's school they had "Kids Rule the School" day. This is a part of the PTO fundraiser where the parents bid on different "jobs" for their kids. For example, one kid gets to be the principal for the day, another gets to be the school nurse (supervised obviously), another gets to be the PE teacher, etc. Well, LG got to be her class kindergarten teacher and she had the time of her life! Here are a few pictures from her big day:

Reading the morning message to the class...

Leading a small group... 

I made her a little badge out of one of my old badges. I just put a little picture of her over my picture...
And she got some little gifts from her teachers to remember the day. This cute little mug for her "coffee break" (they had hot chocolate in the teacher's lounge)...

And all teachers need a clipboard of course!

And a framed picture of her and her real teacher on this special day. 

It was just the sweetest day and a fantastic way to raise money for the school.

Meanwhile, Liam had multiple end-of-year parties at his school but I was too busy helping that I didn't take pictures. I wish I had been better about taking pictures!! 

As for me, I'm hanging in there. I have 4 chemo sessions left and you better believe I have a countdown app on my phone to count down how many days until this crud is behind me. The effects of the chemo are cumulative, so each one has been getting progressively harder to bounce back from. I'm still doing pretty well overall, but I did have to get some stronger pain medication this week. I've been having leg pain, which my doctors said is a side effect of one of the chemo medicines I get. Since I don't have enough time for my body to fully recover between sessions, it's like getting kicked while you're already down... the pain just gets worse. I just keep reminding myself that every day is one day closer to being done. The finish line is in sight... I just need to do whatever it takes to get there. 

The sweet moms in Lily Grace's class made these shoes for me to wear to chemo... 

I love that one of the mom's hand drew that on there, then all the other moms sneakily signed them at carpool without me noticing. This has been the hardest thing I've ever had to go through, but it has been so heartwarming to see what a wonderful network of support we have. We are truly so lucky. 

That's a wrap for us! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead. 

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  1. How thoughtful! You are so strong and you've got these last 4! Praying for you!

  2. The kids taking over for the teacher is really cute and fun. I'm sorry things have gotten harder but glad you have some good support and people are there for you!

  3. I love the Kids Rule the School idea! Such a fun day for them to look forward too! Good luck on your last 4 sessions!

  4. It looks like a fantastic trip to the beach and what an adorable little dancer. The Kids rule the school day sounds like a lot of fun. Good luck with the rest of your chemo. x

  5. Aw, I love those sneakers! Good luck with your remaining treatments, I am so sorry to hear that each treatment gets a little worse.

  6. Hi, I have followed on your Friday blog posts over the last two years and I must have missed your difficult season that you have experienced this year. I am going to be praying for you for an easy remainder of your treatment and for it to be successful and you to remain in remission for the remainder of time! Wishing you all the best! - Nancy

  7. Y'all have been busy...yay! for beach time. That is such an awesome idea for a school event. OMG--the badge is just the sweetest. Hadley's dance recital is soon, and I always look forward to seeing her on stage. I know you are counting down the days until you are finished with your chemo. You continue to be on my prayer list!

  8. Aw, I love that you guys were able to sneak away for a trip! It looks like you've had some good times between all the yuck. I can't wait to see the blog post that you've completed chemo and are at the end of this journey, I know it's going to be amazing - you've CRUSHED it so far. Thinking of you!!

  9. I love the kids rule the school. Sending prayers.

  10. Hi! I saw a comment you made on Shay's post today and came to your blog. I see that you are in the middle of chemo. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on my 46th birthday in 2019. After a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction, I had 4 rounds of the "red devil" cocktail and then 25 sessions of radiation. I had 3 weeks in between each chemo infusion- the first 2 weeks were awful and then I would feel slightly human the last week. I did not have any nausea, but had horrendous bone pain. Ugh. Taking a Claritin a day really helped the pain (no clue why but my oncologist recommended it). Anyhow, I say all of that to say that it sucks but YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT! I am now 4 years cancer-free! Take care of you and I'm sending you my best wishes xoxo