Monday, August 21, 2023

Weekly Meal Plan and Grocery Haul

 Hello there friends and happy Monday! Did you do anything fun this weekend? After two very busy weeks back to back, I had one goal in mind for this past weekend: good quality family time. We had dinner with friends one evening and spent the rest of our weekend just hanging out together. After being go-go go for a few weeks, it was nice to just relax.

I know I’ve shared this with you before, but I am one of those nerds who really loves to see what groceries other people buy. If you ever do a blog post of a grocery haul, there’s a very good chance that I will be reading it! I don’t know why it’s so interesting to me, but I love it! I think I just like to see what other people buy because it makes me think "oh I like that too, I should buy it next time!" Especially because sometimes I feel like we can get in a rut of buying the same foods over and over again. So today I’ll be sharing our meal plan and what I bought at the grocery store. Hopefully this will be able to help you this week if you haven’t done your shopping yet!

I always start by making a meal plan of what we want to eat for the week. I’ve been using this planner for years, and love it still. I write down our meals from Sunday through Thursday, and then usually Friday and Saturday are leftovers or takeout. Then, on a separate sheet of paper, I write what to buy. I don't write everything down, some things I just see and know to grab them. For example, I didn't write down to grab a pineapple, but I knew the kids would eat it for lunch, so I just grabbed one. Devin is the type of person who only buys what's on the list. If it's not on the list, he doesn't buy it (this drives me nuts!!). 

This week I did my shopping at Trader Joe’s and Harris Teeter. We still had a lot of food left from our Costco run the week before, so we didn’t need to buy everything today. Here’s a look at my cart at Trader Joe’s:

And once I got home, I split up everything I bought from both stores to show you what I grabbed. Here's the produce:

We got a big thing of tzatziki at Costco last week, so we plan to eat the carrots, cucumbers, some of the cauliflower, and bell peppers with the tzatziki. We love tzatziki!  

Here's the meat, tofu, and dairy:
The kids love those Greek yogurts but we still had 4-5 left from Costco, so I just grabbed a couple more.

The canned items, bread, and other randomness:

If you haven't had this spread yet, add it to your list ASAP!! It's incredible. We cut the baguette into slices and spread it on.

The frozen items:

This is mostly just stuff we heat up for lunch. We love Trader Joe's Indian meals and their Thai curry-- they're both so easy to heat up and are delicious!

So that's what a week's worth of groceries looks like for us. The grand total cost was roughly $200, but we also had a lot of food leftover from the week before. 

Thanks for reading along! See you back here Friday!


  1. I am impressed that was $200. You seemed to have a lot of things, and I feel like that would be way more here. Well done!

  2. OMG Scott is the same thing and won't buy cheese or bread if it's not on the list.. I'm like WHAT. we need it weekly??? LOL!!

  3. I also love looking at grocery posts, especially TJ's or Costco/Sam's.

  4. I'm the same as you! I love a grocery haul post! So many ideas. You are doing great with meal planning and your meals sound so good!

  5. I love grocery hauls especially Trader Joes. I am going to have to find the vegan feta.

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