Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Book Club-- October

Good Morning! It is time for the monthly Book Club post and this meme below pretty much sums up my month:
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I laugh, but this is actually pretty real life :)
This month I read 4 books and some of them were GREAT and others were kind of meh. Here is the lineup:
1. The Little Book of Hygge-- This book was so cute! It was a perfect book to read as we begin the colder/cozier months. This book made me want to put on a pair of cozy socks, light a fire in our fireplace and make a cup of hot chocolate. Does that not sound like a little slice of fall heaven? It was really short and a quick read, which I like too. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes all things cozy. 
2. The Girl in the Blue Coat-- This book took place in Amsterdam so I was really excited to read it on the plane ride home. It was interesting to read about the places I had just seen in person. This book was a very powerful book written about a girl who runs a little black market operation in Amsterdam during WW2. She finds goods that are hard to come by and sells them to people for a steep price. It takes an interesting turn when one of her customers asks her to find a missing person. This book is another YA novel that I didn't realize was YA until I started reading it, but I still loved it. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves to read about WW2.
3. On Becoming Toddlerwise-- So I have read all of the BabyWise books and while I haven't followed them to a tee, there have been bits and pieces in each book that were helpful to me in the various stages Lil has been in. This book though didn't really offer me anything new. I also felt that the age range (18 months to 36 months) was an inappropriate age range for one book. What Lil is doing/capable of understanding now at 18 months is nowhere near what she will be able to do at 36 months. I would recommend the other BabyWise books to a new mom, but not this one. 
4. Montessori From the Start-- I have always had an interest in Montessori-- I went to Montessori school in preschool and I learned a little bit about Montessori style education while getting my Bachelor's Degree. I vaguely remember there being a big emphasis on how the Montessori style of learning is beneficial to young children, especially toddlers through age 6. So I decided to read a little more about it and try to incorporate some of these things into our daily routine to see how Lil took to them. Lily Grace is loving it! I have pinned a bunch of Montessori toddler activities and we have been making our way through them. It amazes me how long she is able to sit and focus on some of these activities. Anyone else out there who has tried Montessori with their kiddos?

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great rest of the day!


  1. I read The Little Book of Hyggee and I loved it. Just a simple quick read that really gets your thinking about your mindset and the next few cozy months ahead. Thanks for your book recs!

  2. Thanks for the recommendations,! That meme is hilarious by the way