Friday, November 2, 2018

Monthly Goals-- November

Hi There! It is time to set some new goals for the upcoming month and I figured I'd share them with you. I will be honest, posting my monthly goals online has made a huge difference in whether or not I accomplish them. I don't want to have to write that I didn't accomplish one of my goals if my only reason is "I just didn't feel like it". So while I may not have had a "perfect" month goal-wise, I at least made a solid effort on all of my goals, which is a win in my book! Thanks for helping to keep me accountable :)
First let's take a look at last month:
Planner/Notepad/Washi Tape/Flair Pens

- Put X Amount Into Our Savings-- Woohoo! We nailed this one. 
- Keep Up With Half Marathon Training-- Not perfect, I missed a few training sessions here and there but overall I did pretty well. I'll count this one as a win. 
- Read 4 Books-- Nailed it! I read 4 books this month, some of them I really loved and others were only okay.. I'll talk more about them in my next Book Club post. 
- Practice My Italian for at Least 15 Minutes Per Day-- This one I only did about 50% of the time. Definitely an improvement from months past, but not quite what I set out to achieve this month. But hey, a moderate amount of practice is better than no practice at all. 

Now let's have a look at this month:

1. Put X Amount Into Our Savings-- Our standard for each month.
2. Meet Fitbit Goal 5 Days Per Week-- After I finish training for a race I usually go into a few weeks of rest where I do absolutely no exercise whatsoever.. while rest is an important part of recovery, I don't need to take it to the extreme! My goal is to get out there and walk more. Walk Lily Grace in the stroller, do an extra lap walking our dog through the neighborhood after work, park in the back of the parking lot to get more steps. Whatever it takes to keep my body moving! I also plan on taking classes at the gym again. I get away from classes when I'm training for a race because I have to do my own thing, but now I have the freedom to go back to doing whatever I want again-- woohoo!
3. Read 3 Books-- We have some super long flights in our future so I'm hoping to get some reading done. I also know this is a crazy time of year, so I may have a little less time to read when we are not traveling. We'll see if I end up meeting this goal.
4. Order Christmas Cards Before Thanksgiving-- I have made the mistake of waiting to order Christmas cards before and when the card companies get backed up it can take forever to get your shipment in. I am hoping to have them ordered before Thanksgiving this year to help ease the stress the holidays can sometimes bring.
5. Meet Fitbit Water Goal Daily-- I am so hit or miss about remembering to drink water. There are days when I am sipping on water all day long, and then days when I have a headache mid-afternoon and then realize its because I haven't had ANY water yet that day... yikes! I'm hoping that tracking it on my Fitbit will help to keep me accountable. 

Those are my goals for the month of November. Thanks for helping to keep me accountable, whether you know it or not!


  1. I too have found that putting my "to do" list on the blog has made a difference in how I view it. I love that I feel accountable for it.

  2. I post my monthly goals to my blog each month too. I am all about getting my cards ordered and addressed before December too! That way they are ready to roll out. Have a great weekend!