Thursday, November 1, 2018

Marble Contact Paper Before and After Part 2

So a few weeks ago I posted about the mini kitchen makeover we did with marble contact paper and had a few questions about how exactly I did it. Luckily at that point we didn't have the entire kitchen done yet, so I was able to be more diligent with taking progress pictures as we completed it. If you missed the other post, click here to check it out.

The items we used for this project were:
- an exacto knife
- scissors
- a rough scrubber sponge
- a tape measure
- an old credit card/hotel key
- Duck brand marble contact paper

So our first step was to move the appliances out of the way so we could easily access the counter. Then, we moved everything off the counter and scrubbed it with the scrubber sponge and warm soap and water.
After scrubbing, we dried it off very well with a towel and then measured and cut our pieces of contact paper. We measured each piece of the counter top and then added an extra two inches on each side for the part that folds over the counter. We knew we could cut the excess off with the exacto knife at the end. 
 We peeled back the paper behind it, and stuck it onto the counter like below. The key is to doing a little bit at a time. Don't peel all of the paper off and try to stick the whole thing down! Slow and steady wins the race here. 
 I then used an old hotel key to smooth out any bubbles. 
I folded it down around the edging of the counter and then used the exacto knife to cut along the wall. Be careful when doing this so you don't accidentally leave a little slice in your wall! 
 When I got to the end, I cut the contact paper so I could fold a little piece down the side like below:
Then I wrapped the other side over it.  

 And then I cut that piece off with the exacto knife.  
We did pretty much the same thing as we went along the other part of the counter. If anybody has any other questions, I am happy to help! Leave a comment below!

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