Monday, July 1, 2019

What I've Been Priming

Hello and good morning from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina! We are here for our annual family reunion beach trip and I am loving spending some good time with family on the beach. Also, as selfish as it sounds, I am loving other people playing with my child while I chill and read a book. I know all you other moms understand!!

Today's post is my monthly Amazon Prime update and holy cow it has been another month of crazy purchasing! Get comfy ladies, my shopaholic tendencies are about to become veeeerrrryyy apparent. FYI I will announce the winner of last week's giveaway on Wednesday's post so come back!!

First thing I purchased this month has been this dress in both navy and green:

I love this dress because it is loose enough for this growing baby bump and I also know this dress will still be cute after the baby is born and my stomach is getting back to normal. I think it'll be cute in the fall with boots too, not to mention how comfy it is! 

I also grabbed a couple bra back extenders since my rib cage has started expanding. It has made my bras so much more comfortable!

My next purchase was these fox headphones for LG to wear on our flight to Colorado. These things were GREAT for travel! She could listen to her music/watch a show and the headphones stayed put. I also liked that they don't allow the volume to go too high so your child cannot hurt their ears. They came in a variety of different animal options, if your child prefers something else to a fox :)
I also picked up a few of these Melissa and Doug Water Wow books for our trip and they were a hit! She played with these books off and on throughout the entire 3+ hour flight. We keep one in her backpack now and bring it to restaurants so she can quietly play without making a mess when we are waiting on our food. These things are a dream if you have young kids!
Here is a picture of her on the plane listening to her music while she colors.

Next up, I grabbed a couple maternity swimsuits and a new coverup. 

I also grabbed Devin's Father's Day gifts from Amazon. LG and I got him a new pizza stone and a grilled pizza cookbook. He has been loving trying out some of the new recipes.

And then I can't believe we are finally ready for this but....
We ordered Lily Grace's potty and I picked up Oh Crap Potty Training Book
Our plan is to start once we get back from the beach so I need to finish the book ASAP!
I also picked up some more Burt's Bees Belly Butter. I am almost 29 weeks into this pregnancy and still no stretch marks, so I am swearing by this stuff! I put it on every morning and night religiously and then sometimes throughout the day too. 
And finally, in an effort to drink more water, I grabbed this water pitcher so I could start infusing my water. It has a strainer at the top so my fruit stays in the pitcher and continues to infuse the rest of the water. I find I am a lot more likely to drink water if it tastes better, so I've been putting some cucumbers, watermelon, pineapple, whatever we have into this pitcher in the morning and letting it steep. It seems to be helping!

Whew! If you are still around, thank you for reading and (hopefully) not judging my shopping addiction!! I can't wait to read what you all have been Priming too!


  1. Love your kids travel finds! And that coverup is adorable! I've been Priming birthday gifts--we have 6 July birthdays in our immediate family!

  2. Just a word of advice from an older mom, don't train on the little potty. It will make transitioning to pottying outside the house a nightmare. I did it with my first and had to carry the dumb potty chair around everywhere. So with the second, I just trained on the regular potty and it made life so much easier.

  3. I love the versatile for maternity and afterward too. I also love the coverup. Great finds this month!

  4. Lots of good finds! Never had seen those bra extenders before! Going to have to start potty training my last kiddo in the fall. Hope it will be fairly easy.