Monday, July 29, 2019

Weekend Highlights

Good morning friends and happy Monday! This past weekend we were fortunate enough to get to visit Devin's parents in Wilmington and spend some wonderful quality family time together. We visited the beach, went for a boat ride, relaxed, and ate some delicious food. Does it get much better than that?? Here are a few pictures from our weekend:

We left Charlotte on Friday afternoon and began what is typically a 3.5 hour drive door to door. I say "typically" though because when making a car ride with a potty training 2 year old, a 3.5 hour trip easily became closer to 4.5 hours. That being said, it was 4.5 hours without a potty accident, so I will count that as a win! 

Lily Grace's first stop was very conveniently around the same time as a local peach stand that just so happens to make and sell homemade peach ice cream... so why not stop for a potty break and grab a waffle cone of delicious peachy goodness at the same time?? For those of you other North Carolinians out there, Peaches and Cream is where we stopped along highway 74 and it was delicious! We grabbed a basket of peaches too and they were perfectly ripe and juicy-- yum!
Lily's "why are you taking a picture, I'm just trying to enjoy my ice cream" face

We finally arrived around dinner time Friday night, ate some delicious food and let LG run her energy off around her grandparents backyard.
On Saturday morning we all woke up early and headed out on Devin's parents boat to Masonboro Island for a day of beaching. Masonboro is a wildlife preserve so the island is completely uninhabited and only accessible by boat. This was a DREAM because we had the island basically to ourselves that morning (only a handful of other families) and then drove past Wrightsville (the public beach) on the way home and saw the traffic/how insanely crowded it was. 
That afternoon we came home to shower/relax/nap and then headed to Flaming Amy's for dinner. Flaming Amy's is one of Devin's favorite restaurants and we always have to visit when we're in town. Anybody else have a favorite spot you have to visit when you go home?
 This outfit just kills me 
On Sunday morning we woke up and went out for a boat ride through the Intracoastal Waterway. Lily Grace loved going on the boat and kept telling us she was the captain 😄. 
Afterwards we went to Chopt for lunch and I got my favorite, the Palm Beach salad. And then we headed back for showers/naps.

Then Devin and I packed up and hit the road, leaving Lily Grace with Devin's parents for a few days. They knew we have a bunch of stuff going on this week with nursery/baby prep and I have a lot of back to school stuff on top of being 8 months pregnant, so they offered to have her spend a few days with them. It makes me so sad to leave her, but I know I will be grateful for the ability to get so much done over the next few days. 

I hope you all had a great weekend too! 


  1. That sounds wonderful! We have family that lives in Wilmington too but we're more like a 2 day drive away. LOL. I think combining a pit stop and ice cream sounds perfect.

  2. Oh my goodness that picture of your little girl with those glasses, hat, and life jacket :) too cute!!