Monday, February 17, 2020

Weekend Highlights

Good morning friends! I am SO happy to report that we are all feeling well again around here. There's nothing like feeling sick to make you appreciate feeling well again, right? The flu knocked us on our butts but we are back up and seizing the day!

Since we were actually all feeling well this weekend we tried to squeeze in as much family fun time as possible. I've had a couple realizations this week that my babies are not going to be babies forever and even though this time can be hectic and stressful, I want to try to see the good in all of it and soak up as much of it as I can.

Here's a look at our weekend:
Friday we kicked off our weekend with swim lessons! Our sweet girl LOVES her swim school and especially her Friday coach. We have only been going for a little over a month and yet she has come SO far! I am truly amazed by how much they are able to get her to do. This is another one of those "better you than me" examples because if I had to push my daughter under the water while she held her breath you'd better believe I would wimp out. I know it's what she needs and am so happy for other people to be the ones to push her!

After that we headed home to celebrate Valentine's Day as a family. While LG and I were at swim lessons, Devin had made a nice steak dinner for everyone. 
Steak, sweet potatoes and asparagus.. yum! 
This little man played in his activity center right next to the table while the rest of us ate. 
We finished up with some store bought chocolate covered strawberries. LG was a fan!
We wrapped up the night with our post-swim lesson bath (complete with Little People Princesses and a bath bomb of course 😀), then the kids went to bed and Devin and I had the rest of the strawberries and wine by the fire. 
We eventually made our way over to the TV and watched Casablanca, which neither of us had ever seen before but both LOVED!
On Saturday morning we woke up and lounged around the house for a bit. Liam played on his tummy time mat and LG did a few puzzles.

Then I headed to the gym to get my run in. The 10k I'm running is only a little over a month away!
I came home, showered, fed the kids lunch, put them down for their naps and then tried on a few outfits that came in the mail from Amazon (I'll do a post this Friday on all the outfits I've ordered from there lately!).
Then, I put back on my comfy clothes, crawled into bed and read my book, Lock Every Door. It is SO good! One of those "stay up way past your bedtime in order to read" kinda books. 

Devin had dinner plans with some friends on Saturday so the kiddos and I headed to my parents house to have dinner with them, my sister, and her new dog. 
Reading with Aunt J. 

On Sunday we woke up and did our usual routine, except this time LG watched her cartoons from a giant pillow fort Devin made for her. 
Meanwhile Liam was motoring around in his "car" (what LG calls it since he "drives all around").
We had breakfast and headed to church. Lucky for LG the Girl Scouts were outside selling cookies afterwards and we picked up a few boxes. I think her face says it all 😂.
 We went to Trader Joe's, came home and made lunch. I got some snuggle time in with my favorite little guy.
Then everybody went down for their naps again (Devin included this time 😀). I was on cloud 9 just reading my book in bed!
Our Sunday night was pretty low key, eating dinner, watching one more show from the pillow fort, and then heading to bed! Once the kiddos were in bed Devin and I continued to plan our upcoming trip to Spain/Portugal.    

All in all it was a nice, relaxing weekend spent with family. It was exactly what the doctor ordered!! I hope you all had a nice weekend too! This week I plan to have a post every day in order to make up for the missed recipe post last week. But first, I'll see you back here tomorrow for a Tuesday Talk all about the Keto diet. If any of you have tried it or know someone who has, I'd LOVE your input!! See you tomorrow 😀


  1. Sweet weekend! The camo dress you have on is so cute!

  2. I love those floral dresses, so pretty!
    It looks like you guys had a nice Valentine's Day! Love the pink bath!!! :)

  3. I just read that book - it was fantastic and I did stay up way too late to finish it!

  4. Glad you're all feeling better. Those chocolate covered strawberries look amazing.

  5. Looks like a fun weekend! What presets do you use? I love all your photos!

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  7. I'm lovin' that camo dress. That steak dinner looks delish. My husband got me chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine's Day, made by a friend.