Monday, February 24, 2020

Amazon Fashion-- Spring Part 2

Good morning and happy Monday! It feels funny to be posting "spring" outfits when we had snow last week, but that's how wacky our weather is around here. We will have snow one week and 60+ degree days the next! Here are the other half of my spring Amazon purchases:
Green Pants/Striped Shirt
This is another outfit I had pinned on Pinterest and then searched for on Amazon. I saw this picture (below) and then typed "tie waist pants" into my search bar. I was so happy to have found them!
Now the shirt that I ended up buying is actually one that has a little tie at the waist. I think this would be super cute with some distressed jeans, or you could wear it tucked in to pants like I did in my picture above.
Here is just a little pic to show you the tie.

And then last but not least, this jumpsuit which I LOVE! Being 5'8", I really struggle to find jumpsuits that fit well. This one was perfect! It was even a teensy bit long, which made it great with heels or wedges.

Black Jumpsuit
I forgot to take a picture of it without the jacket, but this is the pic from Amazon. 
It is a racerback tank which I thought was adorable.

So those are my recent Amazon clothing finds. Have any of you been buying clothes on Amazon lately?? It blows my mind that this is one of the top places I buy clothes now. If you had told me that 2 years ago I would've laughed! 

Have a great week everyone, see you back here on Wednesday for What's Up Wednesday.


  1. I just ordered a bunch of spring (which here really means summer clothes!) things from Amazon too; a few shorts, rompers, and t-shirts.

  2. I have been seeing those tie waist pants everywhere! They look really comfy!