Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Marble Contact Paper Before/After

Hey there! Hope you're all doing well. I mentioned a few weeks ago in a post that Devin and I are hoping to do some major renovations to our house and we plan to include the kitchen in those renovations. I LOVE our house and love the area we are in... but the house was built in 1972 and our kitchen is about the size of most people's Master closets. We both love to cook (and I love to bake!) and having a bigger kitchen that was more family-friendly is at the top of our list. 

We had planned to meet with some contractors over the summer but then Devin convinced me that we should give it one more year (or two at the most if I can stand it for that long) so that we can save as much money as possible towards the renovations... the idea being that the more we put down on it initially, the less we will have to borrow as a loan and pay interest on over time. I mean... it makes sense... but I cannot handle this kitchen any longer! I decided to do a few little projects to help me "fake it till we make it" and one of those was to do a faux marble counter top to cover the hideous formica. I had initially bought these on Amazon because the pictures looked great and the reviews were all high, but when it came in the mail it looked SUPER cheap and tacky. I returned it immediately and kept looking for other options. 
I finally decided to go with the Duck brand (like Duck tape). It was a brand I was familiar with and trusted. This looked SO much better and was also a much better price. Win/win!

So I decided to give it a whirl. This is what our counter top looked like before:

No it's not dirty... that just how ugly it is!!! I swear.
And this is what it looks like now:

All in all it only cost me $15 and a few hours of work. Not bad! I also like that if I change my mind, I can literally just peel it right off. I used a credit card to smooth out any bubbles and a sharp knife to cut off any edges. It was surprising how easy this was. Now I am obsessed with this marble contact paper and am looking around my house for other things that need a little "spicing up"! 

Next step: a new dishwasher and some kind of temporary back splash. The one I found on Amazon didn't look all that great when it arrived, so I returned it. Now I am looking at some other options. I'll keep you posted!


  1. You should explain more about applying it. Was it hard? Were there bubbles? How did you cut it so it fit perfectly?

    1. I don't know why I didn't think to add more details. I have one more section I didn't get to, so I'll take more detailed pics and do another post soon!

  2. Your counters look great! I totally feel your pain on having an awful outdated kitchen! Our counter tops are this disgusting light peach with lots of nicks & scrapes from all of the previous owners. We definitely want to do re-do our kitchen & I would love to burn the counter tops. In the meantime, something like this looks like it would help! However... I have to ask the same questions as Rachel above me. I used contact paper in our cabinets and wanted to pull my hair out because I could NOT get it straight for the life of me. How the heck did you get yours so perfectly even!?!

  3. I think I need this! I have been trying to convince my husband for several years now that we need new countertops. They are SO ugly. They're green...yuck! Can you tell when looking at it in person that it's not real? I may just go ahead and order it! Thanks for sharing about it!!!

    1. If you look closely at the corners, yes. But otherwise not at all!