Monday, January 3, 2022

Our Bout With COVID and What I'm Priming: November AND December

 Hello there! Happy Monday and happy 2022! 

I hope you all were able to enjoy the holidays and spend some good quality time with family. Unfortunately for us, Devin woke up on Christmas morning with a 102 fever and head cold symptoms. Within a few days the entire family all started showing similar symptoms. We immediately knew it was COVID. 

We went and got rapid tested for COVID as soon as we were able to get an appointment, on Monday afternoon. My test results came back negative, but Devin's came back positive. Something about that didn't sit well with me. We had the exact same symptoms, but he was positive and I was negative? I went back and got a PCR, which sure enough came back positive. Fortunately Devin was the only one to get a fever, the rest of us just had head cold symptoms and some minor stomach issues. I am VERY happy to report that we are all feeling back to 100% and will be going back for PCR's today to confirm that we are negative. We feel very lucky to have had mild symptoms and are relieved to be on the other side of this now. I am praying that all of you are staying healthy and am praying that this calms down as quickly as possible. I really don't want our sweet kiddos to be out of school!

This was one of the only pictures I was able to get on Christmas Day. Luckily our weather was beautiful and the kids got new scooters for Christmas-- so our week+ of quarantine went much more smoothly than it could have with yucky weather.

In other news, I am trying really hard to get back into the routine of showing up here on the blog at least twice a week. It is getting harder to find the time to blog since LG started dropping her nap, but I miss this little hobby and want to try to squeeze it in if I'm able to! Which brings me to today's post... I will be linking up with Tanya tomorrow for Prime Purchases and I will be sharing my purchases from both November AND December! Let's have a look, shall we? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Kids Non-Slip Hangers: The kids needed new hangers and this is the cheapest place I've been able to find the velvet, non-slip kind.

Clear Drawer Organizers: I went on a bit of an organizing frenzy back in November and bought some organizers for several of our drawers. I LOVE these! The size is perfect for shallow drawers but also stackable for bigger spaces. 

Camo Sweatshirt: The last thing I needed was new clothes, yet I ended up with this.  Oops ๐Ÿ˜‚

Weighted Blanket for Kids: Lily Grace has to see an Occupational Therapist as a part of her ADHD diagnosis and the OT recommended a weighted blanket as a part of her therapy. It is a great tool to help calm her down as we are getting ready for bedtime. We drape it over her when we read her bedtime stories and then she sleeps with it on. You determine the weight based on how big your child is, and LG's OT recommended 5 pounds for her size. It has been very helpful with getting her to sleep at night-- and now I want one in my size!

Lightning McQueen Helmet: See that little cutie up above on his scooter on Christmas Day? Well that little cutie needed a helmet, and he loves Lightning McQueen. 

Fleece Pullover: I needed a new fleece jacket and saw this cute one. It is very soft and very warm.

For Christmas Devin said he wanted "gardening stuff", so I grabbed him these gardening tools:

and this AeroGarden, which so far we LOVE:

My mom and older sister have had one of these for a few years and are always talking about how much they love theirs. I finally grabbed Devin one for Christmas and we are both super fascinated by it. It's honestly so easy to use, and you don't have to worry about over watering or under watering your plants. If you know a garden lover, I highly recommend one of these!!

with a few extra seed pods:

So far we have the salad greens, the herbs, and some tomatoes. I am excited to try more things though once we are done with these!

Those were my purchases for the months of November and December. Come back on Friday to see my top 21 purchases in 2021! Then it'll be back to non-shopping posts for a bit. ๐Ÿ˜Š Have a great week!


  1. Sorry to hear you got sick - seems like everyone is getting it now! But glad you all recovered well. I love the fleece jacket you got.

  2. Horrible timing with the sickness starting Christmas morning!! SO glad ya'll had beautiful weather to enjoy new toys and the vitamin D to recover! Can't wait to see ya back here more often :)

  3. Glad you guys are feeling better! That AeroGarden looks fascinating.

  4. I got a weighted blanket for Christmas and love it. I am going to get one for my 10 year old son. He is still a squirmy worm and I think he will enjoy it too.
    Glad to hear you're all feeling better now!

  5. I’m so glad that you all are feeling better! I’ve saved the fleece pullover to my Amazon list! Looks so cozy. My kids love their weighted blankets. I hope you have a great week!

  6. I'm so sorry to hear y'all were sick! Thanks so much for linking up and happy new year!

  7. hope you guys are feeling better. our house got the ick too