Monday, January 24, 2022

A Day in the Life of Us

 Good morning friends! I hope you all had a nice weekend. We were lucky enough to wake up to 2 inches of snow on Saturday, giving the kids a fun excuse to get outside and play. Charlotte hasn't gotten snow in YEARS and now we've had it two weekends in a row! Snow has always been magical to me, but especially now that we live in NC since we don't get it often. Today I am linking up with Sarah and Holly for Hello Monday.

Last Friday I had planned to do a "Day in the Life of Us" post, but fair warning, Liam napped all afternoon so the afternoon portion turned out to be pretty boring. 😆 Oh well! That's a glimpse of real life, right? Here's a look at our day last Friday, January  21st, 2022.

My alarm went off at 5:00 am and I had big plans to roll out of bed to my 6 am yoga class, but it was COLD outside!! I got out of bed to get my coffee and immediately snuggled up under some blankets on the couch to get warm again. 

I put a scoop of the collagen peptides in my coffee every morning and I swear I can tell a difference in my skin and hair. My hairdresser says she can tell a difference in how healthy my hair is now too. Do any of you use this?? I love it. I also add a little Silk Oatmilk Creamer to it. Usually I buy the Oatmeal Cookie flavor but they were out of it at the store last week, so vanilla flavor it is! The candle is Bath & Body Works Fresh Balsam and I love it. It smells like winter to me. 😊

I sat on the couch under my blankets and looked at my calendar for the day, then our weather. 

The whole city was buzzing with the excitement of the snow that was expected that night. 

Then it was time for my quiet time. Shay recommended this prayer journal a few years back and I love the layout. I don't do it every week, sometimes I like to mix it up and try something different, but I always come back to this. 

I finally convinced myself to do some yoga. It may not be an hour long class in a heated studio, but I had the time to squeeze in one of the "quickie" classes my studio has online (30ish minutes). 

The kiddos woke up and requested açaí bowls for breakfast. Nothing like a cold breakfast on a cold day, right? 😜 

But I wasn't going to turn them down if they requested a healthy breakfast, so açai bowls it was!

I showered, got dressed,  and took LG to Occupational Therapy. She loooooooves OT and can't get out the door fast enough to go see Miss Sarah. Devin stayed home with Liam and worked from home while LG and I were at OT.

We got home, Dev headed to work, and the kids played while I looked up our recipe for dinner that night. 

Liam was already tired.. this should've been a clue to me that he was in for a long nap!

We were having leek and potato soup from our new America's Test Kitchen Plant-Based cookbook. Usually when I make something "outside the box" I'll have a backup plan for the kids to eat in case it doesn't go over well. Our rule is that they always have to try it, then if they really don't like it they don't have to eat it. Usually the backup plan is a PB&J or they just have more of the side items vs. the main course. Luckily though the kids have had leek and potato soup before and loved it, so I didn't have to have a backup plan. 

Then I whipped up our lunches. The kids had quesadilla, edamame, strawberries, some okra (they love air fryer okra!) and I put a few pieces of radish on their plates to try. The radishes were not a hit, but that's okay. 😊 For my lunch I used our salad greens from our AeroGarden...

look how much we have already!! We just planted it 3 weeks ago! I threw the salad greens together with some radishes, tomatoes, roasted chickpeas, and mushrooms. It was delish!

After lunch we headed to our local toy store. We were going to a birthday party over the weekend and needed to buy the present. 

The toy store is really fun, but has multiple exits and it's easy to temporarily lose a kid in the store, so Liam stayed in the stroller while I shopped for the present and paid for it.  Then once I could focus 100% on the kids, I let him get up and walk around. Is anyone else paranoid about one of their kids getting lost or am I showing my craziness a bit?

Lily Grace found a mermaid doll she loved and asked me to take a picture of the price tag so she could save up her money to buy it. This way we remember how much it costs when a few weeks have gone by and she's still saving. 😊

We got home and it was nap time! I read to Liam before he took his nap...

and then did the same thing for LG. We attempt to put her down for a nap every day, but she only falls asleep 1-2 times a week. On the other days she just plays quietly in her room. Today she wasn't tired enough to nap, so she played.

While she was in her room, I went and got started on our dinner. 

Can we talk about how huge this leek is?? I put it next to our blender for scale, but that is like 3x the size of the ones I usually get. 

I got our dinner prepped and started...

and then played with LG. We played trains....

and colored...

while Liam slept the day away. We originally had plans to go to the library this afternoon, but Liam slept too long.  He was one tired little fella!

Finally at around 4:30 this guy woke up!

The next hour or so was a blur of finishing cooking dinner, Devin getting home, dinner, bath time, and bedtime. The kids were both asleep by 7 and Devin lit us a fire...

I know wood burning fireplaces are a pain at times, but there is just nothing like it. I love the crackle, the smell, the heat. Our fireplace is one of my favorite things about our house. 

And then finally at around 7:30, our snow started falling! 

Devin and I sat by the fire and worked on planning our spring vacation. Remember how Dev & I were planning an anniversary trip to Italy, Slovenia and Croatia this spring? Well we weren't planning to take the kids and unfortunately we've run into a childcare problem. My parents are going to be in Florida during the time we planned to go and Devin's parents are unable to watch the kids now as well. Meaning we have to make some changes! We are in the process of figuring out exactly what we want our spring trip to look like now and will hopefully be booking our flights this week. Once everything is officially booked and set in stone, I'll share our plans!

That was our very typical, not-so-exciting day! Thanks for reading along today. See you back here on Wednesday for What's Up Wednesday. I hope you have a great Monday!


  1. I love how cozy your day was and your meals are so colorful and healthy...I do hope you get to plan a special trip with your hubby- you will have to keep us posted-thank you for linking up with us! :)

  2. I love a day in the life no matter what happens! I miss the days of afternoon naps. Sometimes, I wish my boys would take a nap in the afternoon just for the quiet time. I hope you can plan a fun trip soon! Thanks for linking up!