Friday, January 7, 2022

Top 21 Amazon Purchases from 2021

Good morning friends and happy Friday! This week has turned out differently than we expected, but honestly ended up as such a blessing. I took the kids to get tested on Monday afternoon, assuming they would test negative and be in the clear to go back to school this week. Unfortunately they tested positive, and the doctor told us they could continue to test positive for 90 days after infection (cue me being like "WHAT?! They need to test negative to go back to school!!"). Thankfully the schools have changed their policies, we used to need negative PCR's to return, but now a doctor's note stating when their quarantine is over and they are able to safely return is fine. 

Anyway though, it gave our family an extra week at home together and we had a wonderful time just relaxing at home, with nowhere to be but together. While I love running around and getting errands done, there's something kind of nice about being forced to just sit still and be present in the moment. 

Today's post is a roundup of my top Amazon purchases from 2021.. my top 21 from '21! These are the items I used regularly throughout the year and I would highly recommend every single one! 

1. Black and Decker Cordless Vacuum-- Oh man, I can't believe I lived without one of these for as long as I did. I use this thing all the time. I use it to vacuum out my car, vacuum weird little nooks and crannies around the house, the couch, honestly everywhere. I never thought I could love a vacuum, but I do. 😀

2. Black One-Piece Swimsuit-- I bought this before our trip to Florida back in March and this was probably the #1 thing people bought from my blog all year! I originally saw it as an ad on Instagram and clicked on it because I liked it:

I thought it was cute, but $95 was too much. Then Amazon did it's creepy thing where it suggests items for you and it suggested their knock off, for $35. Normally I would be creeped out that my phone was spying on what I look at, but this time it worked out in Amazon's favor. The cut is flattering on everyone, and it looks chic and stylish while still being inexpensive. 

3. Sarong-- I got this sarong, in cyan, to go over the swimsuit as a cover up and wore this all spring/summer as well. I felt like the color went well with the black swimsuit and also seemed to make me look tanner than I actually was. 

4. Ray-Ban Knock Offs-- I used to buy expensive sunglasses but have lost too many pairs in the ocean to keep doing that. These have the same look as Ray-Ban aviators but at a fraction of the price. I also love that they come in a pack of two, because I have a backup pair if one pair gets lost/broken. This was one of my most used items of 2021, I wear sunglasses daily!

5. Prayer Journal-- Another "most used item"! I love the layout of this prayer journal, how it includes a scripture verse to focus on for the week, and guides you to reflect on seeing God in your everyday life. If one of your resolutions this year was to spend more time in prayer, this is a great tool to assist that!

6. Garden Netting-- We loved these so much we bought several sets, and another set to give to my older sister! We have had such trouble with squirrels, chipmunks, and other critters eating the food from our garden and nothing has worked until we got these nets. These nets let the water and sunlight in, but keep the critters out. 

7. Inflatable Pool-- This came in handy this summer when we needed an activity but didn't feel like going to the YMCA pool. We set up our Little Tykes slide and the kids would slide into the pool and splash. 

8. Crib Tent-- Ealier this year Liam learned how to climb out of his crib. When Lily Grace did this we felt she was ready to transition to a toddler bed, but we aren't comfortable with Liam being in a toddler bed yet. He still wakes up at least once a night and plays in his crib for about an hour, and the thought of him having free reign of his room (even though his room is fully baby proofed) makes us nervous. This tent has kept our boy safely in his crib, and is giving us the freedom to transition him to a toddler bed when we feel he is ready. Here's hoping he starts sleeping through the night soon!

9. Black Dress-- My most worn dress of 2021! I wore it throughout the summer and then continued to wear it in the fall with boots. I actually wore it to church a few weeks ago with leggings, boots, and a Christmas-y scarf. This dress works in all seasons. 

10. Sink Squeegee and Countertop Brush-- This is another "most used item" for 2021. This hangs on the side of our sink and I use it to squeegee water droplets or crumbs into the sink after cooking. I use it daily.

11. Bento Boxes-- Both of my kids use Bento boxes for their lunches and I bought them on Prime Day. Liam's is the shark one above, and Lily Grace has a mermaid one. 

12. Colorblock T Shirt-- Ashley from Adventures With Ella Marie posted this last year and I bought the green color. I wore it so often I thought a second one would be a good idea. I wore this with shorts all summer. 

13. Salad Dressing Shaker-- I've been trying to make my own salad dressings this year to make them healthier, and this has come in handy. If you are trying to eat more salads this year and want to make your own dressing, I recommend this! 

14. Citrus Juicer-- Our old citrus juicer broke and we needed a new one. This is another "most used item" as we use this almost every day! I love adding lemon or lime to my water, sometimes I'll add some lime juice to a Coke Zero, or I'll use just lemon juice as an easy low-calorie "salad dressing". I bought ours in blue but it doesn't look like that color is available anymore. 

15. Joggers-- Jennifer at Show Me and Sweet Tea posted these at some point last year and I had had them in my cart for months before finally purchasing-- I'm so happy I did! They have the comfort of yoga pants but the convenience of pockets. What's not to love?

16. Free People Knockoff Sweater-- Another blogger I follow posted this sweater as a knockoff of a Free People one and I loved the look of it. This sweater is very soft and warm.

17. T Shirt Midi Dress-- Another find from Jennifer at Show Me and Sweet Tea! She wore this on her trip to California and I thought "that looks cute and comfy at the same time." It is!

18. Initial Necklace-- I had been looking at a more expensive initial necklace online for awhile but couldn't justify spending the higher price. Amazon had this one for much cheaper and I decided to give it a shot. It has turned out to be great quality for the price and I wear it almost daily. 

19. Green Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans-- I was at the mall with my mom this summer and walked past the cutest outfit in the Vineyard Vines window. I loved the look, but didn't love the price of the clothes. I feel like I've said that a dozen times already in this post. 😂 Can you tell I'd rather search Amazon for a cheaper version of things I like?

20. Drawer Organizers-- Perfect size, easy to use, inexpensive. Enough said!

21. Fleece Popover-- This was a recent purchase but already is one I've been wearing nonstop. This fleece is soft and cozy while also being surprisingly warm. 

Thanks for reading along today to see my top 21 purchases of '21. Be sure to come back on Monday for our first Not Just a Mom post of the new year! 

We are sharing our favorite bloggers, but I also plan to share some favorite Instagram follows too. It'll be fun to see who everyone else loves to follow!

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  1. Did you know you can buy a Ray Ban tiny sticker off of Etsy? Ask me how I know! Ha! I love an aviator. They are just so classic! You always find great things from Amazon!

  2. These are all really fun and I'm going to check out the clothing items for sure!

  3. Adorable swimsuit! I'm also always on the lookout for cute + comfy joggers so thank you for sharing!

  4. I almost bought that exact same swimsuit (I only hesitated thinking it would be difficult to use the bathroom in). I knew that about the 90 days and argued that when my husband wanted to get retested to go back to work-- I told him to just get a doctor's note if he needed something.

  5. i just added so many things to my cart. now if it wasn't no spend January

  6. I just added farrrr too many items to my amazon cart from this LOL!!!!