Monday, January 10, 2022

Not Just a Mom: Favorite Bloggers

 Good morning friends and happy Monday! Today we are kicking off the new Not Just a Mom for 2022. Here are our new graphics for the year (thanks to Adrienne!):

As you can see, today's post is all about our favorite bloggers. I am excited to share mine with you and also to read who your favorites are! I imagine a lot of us read the same ones, but there may be a few others out there that are "new" to me. In addition to my favorite blogs, I also thought I'd add a few of my favorite Instagram follows too. 

Now before I begin, I have split my blogs into separate categories: blogs I read regularly and blogs I read occasionally. Certain blogs, like travel ones, I only check every few months and scroll back through all the posts I've missed. For the blogs I read regularly I try to check in a few times a week. 

Blogs I Read Regularly:

- All the Not Just a Mom blogs:

- Adrienne @ Mom Life With Adrienne-- I love Adrienne's dedication to health and fitness while also understanding that life is busy and sometimes you need to be flexible. She's great about setting goals for herself but also giving herself grace when life gets in the way. I love that!

- Dara @ Not In Jersey-- Dara has read just about every book under the sun (only  partially kidding, she reads a LOT!). I think half the books on my to-read list come from her, and I often go to her blog, type in the title of a book in the search bar, and read her review before I start a new book. 

- Jen @ Show Me and Sweet Tea-- I think Devin would like me to stop reading Jen's blog because almost every time she posts about shopping, I buy something. 😂 Need a teacher gift idea? Jen's got some on her blog. Need a cute new outfit? Jen can hook you up with that too! Something you didn't know you needed until you saw it? Again, Jen's got your back. 😉

- Joanne @ My Slices of Life-- Joanne is a former teacher who homeschools her boys and does some of the coolest things with them as a homeschool teacher! She makes homeschooling look like a lot of fun, and makes me wonder if I could do it too.

- Sarah @ Toronto SAM-- I am so happy to have found Sarah's blog because I feel like we have a lot in common. We both love to spend time outside with our kiddos, eating healthy food (plant-based at times), read a lot of the same books, follow some of the same people, love exercising... this list could go on and on! I feel like I read a lot of her posts and think "yeah, me too!" And if you missed her post about her house tour, go back and read it-- her house is the perfect mix of old house charm & newly updated and modern.

- Shay, Erika and Andrea-- Love them all for different reasons-- I wish I had just one ounce of Andrea's creativity and artistic ability!

- Tanya @ The Other Side of the Road-- Tanya's blog is always great but I especially love her posts about books, tv shows, and movies she recommends. I have never been disappointed by one of her recommendations!

- Sarah @ Sunshine and Books-- Sarah has a great sense of style, loves to read, is a runner, and an elementary school librarian (SO jealous of her job!!! I would love to be an elementary school librarian!). Not to mention she lives in sunny Florida so her pictures are always beautiful.

- Caroline and Kat @ Dramatic in the Best Way-- These two are hilarious and so often I come away from their blog with a smile or a laugh-- I mean just go look at their Christmas cards. You can't not laugh at them 😂 (bottom of their December 17th Friday Favorites post).

Blogs I Read Occasionally:

- Kiki @ The Blonde Abroad (a travel blog)

- Abby @ Just a Girl and Her Blog (organization blog)

- Kelly @ Kelly in the City (lifestyle and fashion)

- Caitlin @ Southern Curls and Pearls (fashion, lifestyle, book club)

- Sarah @ Live Eat Learn (travel and healthy food)

- Heather @ My Glittery Heart (lifestyle)

Instagram Accounts I Love to Follow:

I have a lot of accounts I love to follow but here are a few:

BrickandBatten: These two women do virtual exterior design and I am always blown away by how they are able to transform houses.

I could look at their pictures over and over again, yet still find something new to look at in each picture. 

MaryLauren: I like following her because she and her husband bought a home that felt like it was trapped in the 1980's and they are renovating it little by little. She also seems really sweet and genuine

BritwKent: Britnee's account is all about living a healthy, active lifestyle while also being a mom of two young kids. She lives in Hawaii and her posts are a lot of hiking, bike riding, running, and swimming in Hawaii. So on a day like today, where its currently in the 40's and raining in Charlotte, I'm very open to seeing a beautiful view from a hike in Hawaii. 

Thanks for reading along today! If you wrote a post about your favorite bloggers, please feel free to link up with us below!


  1. Great list of blogs here- thanks for sharing! Can't wait to share mine tomorrow :)

  2. Oh no! Devin hates me 🤣 also, so many fun Instagram accounts!

  3. I love what you said about typing in a book title on my blog and seeing my review! Thank you!

  4. you are just the sweetest of what you said about me. Thank you. and thanks for a few new blogs to check out.

  5. Thank you for sharing your favorite blogs. I love stopping by yours. Happy Monday.

  6. I will follow those home design insta accounts, they look awesome. Glad we have found each other too!

  7. Those home makeovers are amazing! I just joined instagram (and don't do anything with it yet!) but I could see how that would be so fun to scroll through.

  8. That’s a great list! Thanks for the mention!! Those home makeovers are amazing. I’ll have to check them out on instagram. Thanks for linking up for Hello Monday!