Friday, June 3, 2022

What I'm Priming: May

Good morning and happy Friday! Today I am sharing my Amazon purchases for the month of May. Hopefully you can find a thing or two that may help you as well! 

Sunless Tanner and Tanning Mitt-- I posted about this a couple weeks ago but it is my new favorite sunless tanner by a landslide! I really love how it goes on dark so you are able to identify if you've missed a spot. The tan is a subtle (yet noticeable) realistic looking tan.  

Here are my before and after pictures. Read the directions I posted on this post if you want to learn how best to put it on. 

Rind Snacks-- I posted about these a couple weeks ago but these have been one of our favorite snacks to grab on the go. This morning we went for a bike ride and hike and I just threw one of these bags in my purse for us to share. Easy, convenient, and healthy. My favorites are the straw-peary, the coconut watermelon, and the orchard bag. The tangy kiwi are sour and make a great substitute for a sour patch kid when you're in the mood for one!

Black Sleeveless Shirt-- I saw this on Shay's blog a couple weeks ago and thought it looked like an easy shirt to throw on when it's 90+ degrees out. 

It's great when I want to run around and play with the kids but want to look a little more put together than running shorts and a running t shirt. 

Door Stopper Wedge-- Now that we got rid of our carpet and have hardwood floors everywhere, I've noticed some of our doors do this annoying half-open-half-closed thing. We had a few door stopper wedges before but somehow they have all disappeared one by one. We needed a few more and Amazon came to the rescue. 

Dress-- This dress is perfect for summer! It gets super hot and humid here in the South but this dress is very breezy and perfect for a hot day. 

I have worn it to run errands, out to coffee with a friend, and out to dinner. It works for everything!

One Shoulder Swimsuit-- I needed another new swimsuit before our beach trip next week and had my eye on this one. The ruching on the stomach is very flattering and I loved the ruffle and the one shoulder. 

Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites, then on Tuesday I will be linking up with Tanya for Prime Purchases. Have a great weekend!!


  1. random we also bought door stops last month. That dress is so cute

  2. How often do you reapply the sunless tanner?

  3. Ooh, that dress is so cute and summery!

  4. That swimsuit is so cute and I love your dress too.

  5. so many great finds. I love the swimsuit and dress!

  6. I really like that swimsuit, and the dress is pretty too!

  7. That's an awesome before and after for the tanning product. Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases!