Friday, July 15, 2022

Friday Favorites

 Hello there friends and happy Friday! Today I have a random assortment of favorites things we've been up to lately.

Our Anniversary!

This week Devin and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. It's funny to think it has been NINE years. That feels like a crazy long amount of time, but at the same time, it also feels like we've been together forever. We have had a lot of fun together the last 9 years and I am looking forward to what the future brings. 

Our actual anniversary was Wednesday and it was pretty low key. Devin took the afternoon off work and we spent the afternoon playing with the kids. We ordered some takeout, and sat on our covered front porch to eat during a rain storm. The kids loved it, we loved it.. it worked out well! Tonight we have plans to go out to eat and celebrate just the two of us. 

Summer Camp

Next week Lily Grace will be going to Camp Eagle Rock, which is one of the YMCA run summer camps in the Charlotte area. Picture your quintessential summer camp: woods, hiking trails, a pond where the kids can go fishing, high ropes courses, multiple swimming pools, archery, kickball fields, etc. 

This girlie is going to be playing hard in the sunshine from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm--- which is a REALLY long day for her! I know she is going to have a blast and I cannot wait to hear all about her days. I wish I could go too! If Camp Eagle Rock goes well this year, we are considering signing her up for day camp at Camp Thunderbird in a couple summers. 

Camp Thunderbird is on the lake and the kids can canoe, paddle board, learn to sail, play on the Blob, etc. Camp Thunderbird is amazing! Do you have any fun summer camps near you?

Play Dates

On the weeks we don't have camp, we have been doing regular, consistent play dates with the same group of friends and it has been wonderful!! We have a standing Tuesday morning playdate and a standing Thursday morning one. It is great to get to see the same friends week after week. 


Formal Uniform

Casual Uniform

PE Uniform

Our sweet girl got her school uniforms this week and they are so dang cute I can hardly handle it. Our school does a gently used uniform exchange closet, so we went there first to see what we could find and then headed over to the uniform store to get what we couldn't find in LG's size at the school closet. While we were at the uniform store, we saw they had matching uniforms for your American Girl doll...

Which naturally meant Kit needed a uniform too. I must've had "sucker" written on my forehead on that day. 😆

Lily Grace has been really getting into the American Girls and it makes my heart so happy! I LOVED the American Girls growing up and am happy to be sharing that with Lily Grace now. Any other big American Girl fans out there? It felt like Christmas every time a new catalog came in the mail haha! If you know, you know!

Trader Joe's Cookbook

Oh man, another favorite lately! I was looking for another book at the library last week and stumbled across this Cooking Through Trader Joe's Cookbook. I was intrigued so I thought I'd check it out. I am happy I did! I told Devin to look through it and pick out a few recipes. After looking through it for awhile he said "honestly I would eat every single thing in that book" and he can be a tough crowd when it comes to recipes! These are just a few that jumped out at us:

If you also love Trader Joe's, give this cookbook a try! It's a fun way to explore a store you already love in a different way. 


Old picture because apparently I don't have any new ones! This is after the Cooper River 10k last September.

I have been training for another half marathon lately and there is no better feeling than that post-run high. One of my best friends and I are planning to run a half together in November and I decided to start the training a little early. The beginning weeks of training are always a little tricky, but at a certain point you turn a corner and it goes from tricky to enjoyable. I am happy to be in the phase where I am looking forward to my longer runs instead of dreading them!

Thanks for reading along today! I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites. I hope you all have a nice weekend!


  1. Happy anniversary! Mine is today! Teachers gotta get married in the summer, amirite? LG looks adorable in her uniform! Uniforms make life so much easier. That cookbook looks great! Will check for it at my library!

  2. i just texted a friend about the TJ's cookbook- buying it! My girls (now teens LOVED) American Girl dolls so much. At this point, I think they're kind of embarrassed about their affection for it but I am hoping when they are older they will have all the fond memories. Take your daughter to any AG store near you or when you travel (it's fun to see different ones) and of course buy her any matching clothes that your budget allows! You, at a minimum, won't regret it ;). When I had a seamstress make two of my daughter's dance costumes I asked her to make a matching outfit for an AG doll. The look on my daughter's face was priceless and unforgettable when she realized she could dress one of her AG dolls in a matching dance costume. Loved the pic of your daughter and her doll in their matching school uniform.

  3. Nice work on the half marathon training!!
    My son has been doing camps for the past two weeks and he wiped at the end of the day, but easy to go to bed :)
    Love seeing your wedding photo, babies!!

  4. Lily Grace's smiles in those uniform pics are a favorite of mine! Looks like a great week - I wish we had some fun summer camps like that here, instead it's over 100 and they're getting limited time outside during summer school because of the heat advisory's. Enjoy it!! I have FOMO for Emilia and she doesn't even know cool stuff like that exists lol!

  5. Happy anniversary! Lily Grace’s camp looks so fun! We don’t have YMCA camps like that around here, but my kids would love them. She looks so grown up in her uniform. I would’ve definitely bought the doll uniform too. Have a great weekend! - Sarah, sunshine&books

  6. OMG I love that school uniforms for American Girls are still a thing! I loved the American Girls growing up—I had Samantha and my two closest neighborhood friends had Molly and Felicity, so it was all v exciting. Definitely lived for the catalog too! :D

  7. Happy anniversary! How exciting for Lily Grace. I'm sure she will have the best time. Hadley just got home from a week away at camp, and never wants to come home. I love the uniform photos and the American Girl doll. So sweet. I've never seen that cookbook. I think I need it.

  8. Wish you all the best when you run the half marathon. Happy anniversary! Here's wishing you many more wonderful years together.

  9. Happy Anniversary! There is just nothing cuter than kids in school uniforms. And the American Girl doll too. I am a big American Girl doll fan, through my daughter's childhood love of them. She played with them (and later just displayed them) constantly from age 4 through 13. Such wonderful memories!

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