Monday, July 18, 2022

Summer Organization Checklist

 Hello friends! I hope you all had a nice weekend. We spent the weekend in Wilmington with Devin's parents and then came back pretty early on Sunday in order to get our big girl ready for camp. I am really looking forward to her going this week-- she is going to have a BLAST! Not to mention I will have a few hours each afternoon to knock out some projects while Liam naps. 😉

At the beginning of the summer I had all these big plans to get organized and prepped for the upcoming school year. Well, here we are, roughly halfway through the summer and I have hardly made a dent in that to-do list. Anyone else?? This summer is flying by! This week I am hoping to power through as many of the projects left on my list as possible. Here's a look at what I'm hoping to have accomplished by the end of summer:

Not too much, right? I think it'll help us start the school year off on the right foot. So far I have already done the following:

Most of those are pretty self explanatory, right? Basically go from room to room and donate things we no longer use. I feel like I do this several times a year, yet we still accumulate so. much. stuff. As for the pictures, surely I'm not the only one with thousands of pictures on my camera roll. Anyone else out there? I have been getting notifications on my phone that I am running low on storage for the past 91 days.. time to remedy that! Here's hoping I can get a big chunk of this list accomplished this week. 

What about you? Do you make a "to-do" list or something similar over the summer? Anything else you think I should add on here? I always love your suggestions!

Today I am linking up with Sarah and Holly for Hello Monday. Have a great day!


  1. I did my tupperware yesterday and was so proud. I just am not as motivated as I need to be! I really should sit down and make a list of very specific spaces and then do one more Goodwill drop off before school starts. Maybe you have just motivated me... Ha!

  2. Love this list. After tackling my closet and the hall closet, I felt so accomplished. That being said, I just reminded myself that I have a few other areas to purge and organize and my summer days are numbered. I gotta get to work.

  3. I just started looking at this last night to subconsciously think about what I need to get in preparation for the fall! I'm definitely in a mood to get some stuff organized and projects done - this feels very on topic for me. Thanks for some extra ideas!

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