Friday, July 8, 2022

Prime Day Prep: Back to School Things I'll Be Shopping For

 Hello friends! Happy Friday! I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend and a nice week to follow. We had a very exciting week around here. Our sweet girl set a goal for herself to earn a green swim band at our pool by the end of this summer, and on July 5th she earned it!! The green swim test is HARD, but she nailed it!

Now she is allowed access to anywhere in the pool without needing an adult nearby and she gets to go on the "big kid" water slides. She has been practicing multiple times a week and it was wonderful to get to see her hard work pay off. She is so proud of herself, as she should be!! 

Now onto the "meat" of today's post 😉... 

Believe it or not, Prime Day is next week and I am trying to brainstorm some things we may need to look for during the sale. I have to say, I love that Black Friday sales come before Christmas, and I love that Prime Day sales come before the back-to-school season. Before we start, did you see they are doing a $10 Amazon credit?

Looks easy enough, right? We probably all already do most of these things, so we might as well get the $10 credit right? You have to make sure to activate it on your account in order to get the credit. It takes one easy click and you are on your way to a free $10.

Even though the "real" Prime Day doesn't start until the 12th, they have already started some sales. They have kindles on sale, echo dots, echo shows, and a bunch of other tech-y items. 

They also have some clothes currently on sale, like these joggers:

These come in a bunch of colors/patterns but it looks like not every style is included in the sale. So you'll have to double check if the styles you like are on sale or not.

My list for when the "real" Prime Day begins is mostly comprised of things the kids may need for back to school, and then a few other odds and ends thrown in there too. While we don't know for sure what will be on sale and what won't, these are the things I'll be looking for:


Bentgo Boxes or Yumboxes-- We LOVE these for the kids lunches and use them every single day. They are better for the planet since they use less plastic/waste, and they are better for our wallets since we end up buying fewer ziplock bags. Each kid currently has one, but I'm thinking since they will both be in school all 5 days a week it'll be convenient to have an extra set. Then I can even pack some of the food for 2 days in a row, making life easier. If I'm already cutting strawberries, may as well cut some more and put them in the extra lunchbox for the following day, right?

Contigo Water Bottles-- These are our favorite water bottles for the kids. I used to buy ones with their names printed on them from a mom on our local Facebook group, but it's easier to just get these from Amazon and put their name stickers on them. 

Ice Packs-- Unfortunately these things tend to get lost over time, so I am hoping that a new pack of 4 will last us the school year. 

Kid Shoes-- We usually buy the kids shoes at Target for back to school, but I'm going to browse Amazon to see if they have any sales for kid shoes. It can't hurt to check!

What about you? Are you looking for anything specific when shopping Prime Day? Leave me a comment below!

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  1. I can't think about back to school yet!! Our kids have only been on summer vacation for a week. I do know we will need new lunch boxes and water bottles though. And probably time for a backpack refresh.

  2. My son is starting preschool in the fall and I’m looking for things for his lunches too. Do you like the bentgo or yumboxes better? Thank you!

    1. Hi! You can’t go wrong with either but I personally prefer Bentgo. I have packed applesauce or yogurt before and they don’t leak.