Friday, August 12, 2022

Back to Work Wardrobe Update Part 2

Hello there and happy Friday! It's crazy to think that we are in mid-August. Where did the end of summer go?? I swear it was just July 4th! I was able to get into my preschool classroom this week to go through supplies and try to start organizing everything. Isn't it such a cute room? 

It's a big room! Plenty of space for my 15 little cuties. The best part? I can see my house from the windows. 😊 Can't beat that commute!

Well we have all things back to school on our brains over here, including a refresh of my teaching wardrobe. A couple weeks ago I did my Back to Work wardrobe Refresh Part 1, and this past week I was able to chip away a little more of my "does this still fit?" section of my closet. Do you do that too? Keep your questionable clothes in a section of your closet only to be tried on when your hair is cute? I swear if I'm having a bad hair day every outfit looks bad, no matter what. I never try on clothes with greasy hair. 😆😂 

Now, just like the last post, I want to warn you that a majority of these clothes are old. I will not be able to get an exact link but will do my best to find the closest thing. 
Light Pink Maxi Skirt (old, but an option here or here)/White Tee/Denim Jacket
Blue Cropped Pants/Polka Dot Blouse (old but similar here)/Leopard Shoes
Blue Cropped Pants/Mustard Blouse (old but similar here)/Leopard Shoes
White Maxi Skirt (old but similar here or here)/Green Tank (old, but similar here)/Denim Jacket
Blue Maxi Skirt (old but similar here)/White Tee

I have this simple blue maxi dress here by itself, or with a scarf:
Blue Maxi Dress/ Scarf (old, similar here)

I also have this simple dress:
And then again here with a denim jacket:

And this blue dress as well:

Phew! Well, I feel like I'm set for at least the first few weeks of school, maybe longer if I can mix and match these a bit. Now I'm headed to take the kids over to my classroom so I can get a bit done. Here's hoping they don't pull out every single toy while I'm over there! #notlikely 😂

Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites. Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Everything looks amazing! You are definitely set! I love the longer skirts on you. That seems practical because you will probably be sitting on the floor and bending a lot. Good luck! What a nice commute. I'm almost that close but I can't see my house!

  2. Your classroom looks amazing! It's so huge. You found so many great outfits in your closet. I hope you have a wonderful year back in the classroom again.

  3. What an amazing space for your students. I hope you have the best year. Your outfits are perfect!