Friday, September 9, 2022

Preschool Classroom Tour

 Hi there! I hope you've had a nice week so far. So, if you are new around here I have a fun fact for you. Prior to being a stay at home mom, I was a teacher for 11 years. Then, Liam was born and COVID happened and I decided it was a good idea for me to stay home for a few years. Fast forward and now I am back in the classroom, teaching pre-k at Liam's preschool. These past few weeks have been BUSY as I figure out our new routine (I need to do a Day in the Life post... our days have changed quite a bit!). We finally have our first week of "normal" behind us and it feels good to have some semblance of structure again. 

The "Back to School" time of year is always crazy busy as a teacher, but also one of the most fun. Everyone is buzzing with an excited energy about starting a new year. I wanted to share a little "classroom tour" with you so you can see what I've been so busy setting up these past few weeks!

So without further ado, welcome to Pre-KA:

This was our setup before Parent Orientation night. The water bottles were for the parents at orientation, not for the kids the following day. 😊
A little look at the kids cubbies and the manipulatives table. We have a bunch of toys stored under the table. 
On the back wall by the tree we have our light table, which also doubles as our science center from time to time. We also have the sensory table (also known as a sand/water table).
Here is our listening center. We have audiobook CD/s, more CD players and headphones stored on this shelf behind the curtain. 
My favorite part of our classroom is our kitchen/dramatic play area. The kids have a stove/oven, sink, microwave, refrigerator, and a washer/dryer. I added the little faux window above the sink/stove to make it feel more homey. 

Another look at our kitchen/dramatic play center:
The kids have a bunch of food, plates/cups/silverware, costumes, etc. stored on the shelves under the curtains. 
Here we have our block center and puzzle center. As you can see there are several baskets of building blocks and other building materials on the shelf. 
And then we have a variety of puzzles for the kids to choose from. 
Our classroom library sits off to the side of our circle time carpet. The Sunshine Chart is our positive behavior reward chart. 

A bigger look at the circle time carpet and our classroom library:

Our math and art center share the same space. The activity you see out was an activity where the kiddos used the tongs to sort and count the colored balls. This has been a big hit so far!

And here is our easel for art projects.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little glympse of what my Pre-K classroom looks like. Have a nice weekend!

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  1. Your classroom looks incredible - so stimulating and cozy too. I love how you used the fabric to divide areas and cover toy baskets. Have a good weekend!

  2. That is such a lovely and inviting classroom!

  3. Such a fun room. I know you all will have the best year. I love the lion/rhino faces on the wall. too cute.

  4. There are so many cute fun areas. I want to be in preschool

  5. How sweet Those kiddos are lucky to have you as a teacher!

  6. What a great pre-k classroom! I love how you have it divided into areas and there are so many fun things to do!