Friday, December 23, 2022

Top 15 Amazon Purchases of 2022

 Happy Christmas Eve Eve friends! Is your house buzzing with excitement too? Our kids are PUMPED about Christmas and the excitement is certainly contagious. We just got back from a wonderful trip to Colorado, and today we are heading up to Blowing Rock to celebrate Christmas with my family. I am looking forward to spending some good quality time with the whole fam. 

Today I wanted to share a roundup of my "best Amazon purchases of 2022". This was a post I did last year and it ended up being a hit-- so I'm bringing it back! I am saving my top 3 favorite/most used purchases for last, so make sure you read all the way through to the bottom of this post!

1. Sunless Tanner-- My hairdresser Stephanie has been my hairdresser for close to 15 years now, and she has become my beauty product guru. Stephanie's job is talking to women all day long while doing their hair, and she gets all the best tips on makeup, skincare, and beauty products. So when she recommends something, I add it to my cart and buy ASAP. Stephanie certainly came through with this one! This is one of the most realistic-looking tanners I've ever used, and I love how it goes on brown so you can see if you've missed a spot while applying. You'll need a mitt to go with it, and I usually just throw it in the shower when I'm done and then rinse it out when I rinse off the tanner after a couple hours. 

2. Car Seat Stroller-- Ah, the car seat stroller... otherwise known as "the thing that saved my life on the trip to Ireland". 

If you don't remember, for our trip to Ireland this past April Devin was already over there for work, meaning I had to bring both kids and all of our stuff, including the car seats, by myself. This made my life 1000x easier. In fact, Devin did NOT want to bring it on our recent flight to Colorado and after the fact, we both said "dang, that would've made our lives a little easier". 

3. Packing Cubes-- We have been fans of packing cubes for years, and now we can't go anywhere without them. Especially when packing for a family! It makes it so much easier to hand everyone their cube at our destination and have them take it to their room. We already had a set of packing cubes, but got more for our trip to Ireland. 

4. Sunglasses-- I have a problem with losing/breaking sunglasses, so I don't waste my money on expensive ones anymore. These look just like my favorite Ray-Ban's but are super inexpensive and come in a pack of two. Now if I lose or break a pair, it's no big deal. 

5. Tank Top-- I saw this one on Shay's blog over the summer and it ended up being one of my most worn shirts all summer. 

6. Sticker Puzzles-- These are another hit that we have been using for years. We keep these in LG's church backpack, which we also take to restaurants. We were recently at a brewery with some friends and a few of the little girls were all sharing these puzzles and doing them together, giving the moms some time uninterrupted to chat. Definitely worth the money!!

7. Tunic-- This looks too plain/simple to be a "best purchase", right? Except I wear this tunic ALL. THE. TIME. I wear it with leggings around the house, I wore it skiing this past week, and I often wear it with jeans and a vest:

I love that it's long enough to cover the bum in the back and can be dressed up/down.

8. Car Organizer-- We are a big road trip family, so I am all about anything that makes our road trips go more smoothly. This organizer goes between the kids' seats and holds all their books/coloring books/crayons/etc. They are able to grab whatever they need on their own, which means less turning around for Devin and I while we are trying to drive/navigate. 

9. Earrings-- These were my most worn earrings of the summer. They came in a pack of 4, and I gave some to one of my sisters for her birthday and kept the rest. Very inexpensive and I wore them a lot!

10. Texturizing Spray-- I have super fine hair that goes limp pretty quickly, but this spray gives it some grit and helps it hold volume longer. It also prevents it from getting oily quickly and helps me go longer between washes. 

11. Croquet Set-- As you know, we are a big outdoorsy family. I love any game that gets the kids outside and keeps their attention for a little bit. Both kids loved "playing croquet" (we do NOT follow the real rules, they just hit the balls around the yard and have fun). We even took this to a few backyard barbecues with other friends and their kids and it was a hit for the other kids too. 

12. Souper Cubes-- These have come in handy much more often than I thought they would! We make a lot of soup in the fall/winter, but get sick of the leftovers by day 2. With these cubes I can freeze soup into single serving sizes, then easily heat them back up in the microwave when I'm hungry. I actually reheated some soup for lunch today! I love these because they help us eliminate food waste and also help us to eat healthier when on a time crunch. 

Now for my favorite/most used purchases this year...

Top 3 Purchases of 2022:

Leggings-- Oh man, I saw these on someone else's blog earlier this year described as "better than Lululemon" and I figured it was worth a shot for the price... that blogger was not lying!!!! These are very similar to the Lulu Align High Rise with Pockets, except the Lulu's are $128 and these are currently on sale for $16. I mean, kind of a no-brainer, right? Definitely worth trying for $16. I don't even wear my Lulu's or my IVL's anymore if these are clean. My only complaint is that they are apparently sold out in black (the color I bought back in April). If they still had black, I would probably have another 1-2 pairs by now. 

Little Green Cleaner-- Technically this one wasn't a "purchase", it was a gift from my mom, but even still--- most used item in 2022 for sure!! With two little kids in the house, I feel like there is always a spill/dirt on our couches/rugs/upholstered furniture. I mix one teaspoon of Tide powder in with the hot water and it will clean any stain. It's super easy to use and works like a charm. We use this all the time!

Steamer--  Oh man, we LOVE this thing. At least once a week we use this to steam Devin and Liam's nice button-down shirts and Lily Grace's school uniform. It is small enough that you could travel with it, and super easy to use. This is probably my favorite purchase from the whole year!

Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!! See you back here next week. 


  1. I like the leggings! And all around great items.

  2. The steamer is going on my shopping ideas list. Sounds so much easier than pulling out the ironing board. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  3. ohh i love the idea of stickers for on the go.

  4. I LOVE my packing cubes so much (my whole family thinks I'm nuts though!). I just got a pair of leggings in today that look just like those but they're fleece lined. Something I really needed today! I'm going to have to check out that tunic. It looks so versatile.