Monday, May 8, 2023

Not Just a Mom Pet Peeves

 Good morning friends and happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. We had a wonderful weekend celebrating our sweet girl's birthday along with a dance recital, a baby shower, and a friend's birthday-- whew! I need another weekend to recharge after that weekend. ðŸ˜… Today the Not Just a Mom crew are writing about our pet peeves, and when I asked Devin what he thought my pet peeves were he said I should write "50% of the things my husband does." Hahaha, isn't marriage fun? Despite his comment, they aren't actually all about Devin (although a few of them sure are 😉).

1. Devin sneezing. I can't even write this without laughing because I know how bad it sounds. Everyone sneezes and you obviously can't help it, but Devin sneezes SO loud and the part that annoys me is that he doesn't always cover his mouth. GROSS. You just sprayed your sneeze germs wherever. We are just coming out of pollen season in NC, and the fact that I didn't file for divorce is a huge win. 😉

2. People who do not load the dishwasher correctly. Ya'll, this is a top frustration for both Devin and I in our house. The way he loads the dishwasher drives me NUTS but apparently, the way I load the dishwasher also drives him nuts. 😂 Devin likes to cram as many things as possible in there, but as I'm sure you all know... they don't get clean that way!!! ðŸ˜¡ I can't tell you how many times I've opened the dishwasher and because the bowls were packed too tightly they were not properly cleaned. Then I either have to hand wash them (while silently thinking some 4-letter words) or run them through the dishwasher again once it's properly loaded. Devin thinks I waste space in the dishwasher, I think he packs things too tightly.  

3. Adults being messy. We live with young kids, so obviously there are messes here and there. For the most part, it's pretty minimal, and the kids actually do well to pick up after themselves. That being said, there are a few adults (ahem, Devin and some extended family who visit from time to time) who leave their stuff all over our house and it drives me insane. I mean, do they just not see that they are leaving stuff lying around everywhere? I'm talking about shoes left in the middle of the floor. Trash left out on the coffee table/counter/etc. Cups left all over the house. If our kids can pick up after themselves, surely the adults can. 

4. Whistling. I don't know why this one annoys me, maybe it's the high pitch sound? I know people usually whistle when they're happy and I should be happy for them that they're happy, but it drives me crazy. 

5. People who knowingly block an intersection and then pretend they can't see you. Our street ends in a T intersection to get out onto the main road, and during peak traffic hours people block the intersection. 

See the little image above? Pretend I'm the blue spot trying to turn left, and the orange is all cars going into the city...  I'm talking about the people who see that I'm there, ready to turn left when it's my turn, and block the intersection anyway. Then, when they know they are wrong, pretend they can't see me!! I mean, we all mess up sometimes but at least just wave and mouth "I'm sorry"!! Come on people!

That's it, only 5. It's honestly pretty hard to ruffle my feathers (unless you're Devin, then all you have to do is sneeze 😉). If you are a blogger I hope you link up with Adrienne, Dara, Jen, Joanne, Sarah and I today. I'd love to know what your pet peeves are too!

Don't forget to come back next month as we discuss how we became a mom. 💕

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  1. I came up with a ton more than you did, lol! I'm just easily annoyed I think. My husband sneezes sooo loudly too!

  2. I love the dishwasher one! I am always saying "Did you just move in here? Don't you know how the dishes are supposed to be loaded?!" and I'm sure Dave is thinking the same thing!

  3. Brian and Devin sound like twins. lol Brian's sneezes are so loud and I hate when he loads the dishwasher.

  4. What is it about our specific dishwasher loading preferences? I think everyone in my family annoys at least one other family member by the way they load the dishwasher, or fail to load it. Also, I cracked up at the sneezing pet peeve! My husband has a sneeze that seems particularly loud and annoying to me. LOL

  5. Oh that sneezing one made me laugh! Yay you for not filing for divorce. LOL.

  6. Lol!! I love this! 😂 I'm with you on blocking intersections!! That drives me crazy especially when there is a sign that says "do not blick intersection"!!! My biggest pet peeve is littering!! I can't stand it when I go to Target and someone leaves their half empty Starbucks cup on a shelf in the pillow aisle! 😡

  7. Ok...I love that you provided a visual for #5. lol That one is a pet peeve of mine too! Also, teens being messy is a new pet peeve of mine...right now there are shoes in the middle of my living room (two pairs that belong to the same person), and I'm not happy about it!

  8. The sneezing comment made me laugh. I feel the same way about my husbands sneezes. I feel bad because he can't help it, but it's so loud and usually they come in bursts of about 10 sneezes in a row! Marriage...not for the weak!

  9. It sounds like you had a fun packed weekend!
    What a great list, it did make me chuckle because I was nodding along to most of them.
    My youngest is a whistler and it drives me insane!

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