Monday, May 1, 2023

What I'm Priming: April

 Hello and happy Monday! Today I am linking up with Tanya for Prime Purchases, and Sarah and Holly for Hello Monday. 

Jumpsuit-- This jumpsuit (with a Target tank top underneath) is a dupe of a Free People one that I saw and am so happy I grabbed it. It is very comfortable while still looking put together. I have worn it on a super hot and humid day and it was very breezy, so I am sure I will be wearing it a lot this summer. 

Bird Feeder-- We got this bird feeder to go on the window right outside our kitchen table. It took about 2 weeks for the birds to realize it was there, but once they figured it out, they have been feasting! If they can see us through the window, they are less likely to come (of course) but for the most part they don't notice us. The kids love seeing the birds come to the window feeder!

Joggers-- I saw on someone's blog (I can't remember who!) that these joggers were very similar to the Lululemon ones, and I immediately grabbed a pair. Ya'll, the fabric on these is so buttery soft, the waistband is fantastic, and they are incredibly comfortable. I cannot recommend these enough, truly. For the feel of the fabric alone. 

Birkenstock Knockoffs-- Jen from Show Me and Sweet Tea posted these last month (I believe) and I grabbed a pair. They are very comfortable and a fraction of the price of real Birkenstocks. 

Striped Shirt-- I saw Shay wearing this shirt on Instagram a few weeks back and thought it looked cute and put together yet still casual. 

Lilly Lanyard-- Lily Grace gets to "be" her teacher in May on "Kids Rule the School" Day and what does every teacher need? A lanyard with a badge, of course. I made her a little teacher badge with her picture on it and grabbed her this lanyard to wear it. I figure I can use the lanyard next school year when she's done with it. 

Disney Spot It!-- We have a birthday in the house this week as our big girl turns 6! She loves the game Spot It and plays with her OT from time to time. Since we are a big Disney family, I figured I'd grab the Disney version for her birthday. 

Have a great week!!


  1. I like the joggers! Disney Spot It looks so fun too.

  2. Loving that jumpsuit on you and those sandals are adorable!

  3. I had to grab the jumpsuit! So so cute!

  4. Spot it is such a fun game...we used to play when the kids were little. Love those joggers. Thanks for linking up!

  5. I love the jumpsuit, what color are you wearing?

  6. I have that same jumpsuit in my cart right now!!

  7. You are looking so cute in the sleeveless jumpsuit and I love the vintage carpet under your bed.