Monday, September 4, 2023

What I’ve Been Priming August

 Good morning friends! I hope you are having a lovely long weekend! We took a quick trip to the mountains and it was wonderful. It felt so nice to get some time away to recharge. We got back last night and are spending today getting caught up on errands before another week ahead. 

Today I am linking up with Tanya for Prime Purchases. Here's a look at what we bought:

Fire Extinguisher— One of my best friends told me this month that they had a small kitchen fire. Luckily, my friend ran and got her fire extinguisher and was able to put it out very quickly. It made me realize that we did not have a fire extinguisher and needed one!! 

Kauai Coffee Pods— back to school time of year means we are flying through coffee over here 🤪

Trolls World Tour CD— the kids have been on a big Trolls kick and we have been listening to the soundtrack for both movies nonstop. Well, normally we listen to music on my phone, but it drains my battery, so I was looking for another solution. Luckily, my car is older and still has a CD player. I bought that CD and now they don’t need my phone anymore to play music. Win/win!  

Booster Seat— Liam has a nanny now who will be picking him up from school since I will be with Lily Grace at “the big kid school.” Our nanny (who we Love!!) sometimes needs to drive him, so we gave her one of our old car seats and swap it out with this booster.

Bentgo box— One of LG's old Bentgo's broke at the end of last year. I tried to buy the bigger size Bentgo box for this year, but it didn’t fit inside her L.L. Bean lunchbox. So we went with this one instead. She loves the fairies!


Bible Stories and Sticky Notes— these were on Lily Grace's teacher's Amazon Wish List, so we purchased them for the class. 

Purlisse BB Cream— This is still my favorite make up! It is clean and has a very light coverage. I also love that it’s SPF 30.

Skeleton Candle-- This one is in my cart just waiting for me to hit "purchase," but I haven't bitten the bullet yet. It's so dang cute and festive!

Thanks for reading along today! I can't wait to see what ya'll bought this month too!


  1. We have a fire extinguisher in a few different places; thankfully we've never had to use them but they are handy to have. I also keep a large bag of baking soda on hand to sprinkle on any grease fires (which has really only happened with our old grill!).

  2. Michael is really into safety, and always makes sure we have a fire extinguisher. Great idea. I have already added the BB cream to cart. The coverage looks great! Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  3. You have some great recommendations! I will have to try the BB cream as the one I have been using forever is no longer available. We saw the preview for the Trolls movie when we were at the cinema - reminds me of the days we had troll erasers on the end of our pencils, yikes, that's really dating me!