Monday, November 6, 2023

Prime Purchases October

Good morning and happy Monday! Today I am linking up with Tanya to share my Prime Purchases from the month of October.

Evil Queen Costume-Lily Grace wanted to be a little bit spooky this year for Halloween, and this was our compromise. I didn't want her to be too scary yet! She's only in first grade! She can be scary in middle school.  She loves a good villain, so the evil queen from Snow White fit the bill.


Veggie Seasoning- this is one of our all-time favorite seasonings, and we used it just a few weeks ago when roasting some fall vegetables. This is the recipe we follow here.


50’s Poodle Skirt Costume- for the 50th day of school Lily Grace's first grade class got to dress up like it was the 1950s. All the little girls wore poodle skirts kind of while the boys wore white T-shirts and leather jackets. It was so dang cute! This was the cheapest costume on Amazon, and she had several little friends that had the exact same one on the 50th day haha! All the moms must’ve been like “What’s the cheapest thing I can find?!” 

Dinosaur Costume- Liam wanted to be a dinosaur again this year. Two years in a row of being a dinosaur! Last year's costume did not fit anymore, so we went for this one this year.


Cute Desk Calendar- I saw Shay post this cute desk calendar a couple weeks ago and grabbed it for next year. I love how fun and festive each month is! It is great on my desk at work. It's crazy that I already have things coming up in January that I have written on it. The new year isn't too far away!

Felt Furniture Pads- the furniture pads we had on the bottom of our dining room chairs must’ve fallen off or something, because I 100% remember putting them on the chairs, yet they were no longer there a few weeks ago. I bought some more, and now we no longer have that problem!

Sinus Rinse Kit- is there anything grosser than a sinus rinse kit? I have such a love-hate relationship with it. It's so gross, but also so effective.

Tibet Almond Stick- Guys, these are INCREDIBLE! Remember those felt furniture pads I got? Well, when the old felt furniture pads fell off the chairs, they scratched the heck out of our hardwood floors. I was so frustrated! Then, a few weeks later, I saw these on TikTok. I do not for the life of me understand how they work, but the scratches literally disappeared. They are magic!! If you have scratches in your hardwood floors, you need these. Buy them now, thank me later!

Inflatable Turkey- I always get a little depressed when we take down our Halloween decorations and don't have our Christmas ones up yet. Our yard is just sad and boring between Halloween and Christmas. This inflatable Turkey has made the in-between period much more bearable!

Stanley Cup- I realize how “basic” it is to be obsessed with your Stanley Cup, but I don’t care. I am obsessed! I had another one and the whole family kept stealing it. I bought myself a new one and told the fam this was “mommy’s only”. Nobody else is allowed to take this one to work/school!


  1. I need to try those Tibet almond sticks. I have so many scratches in our floors! I got a Stanley cup last Christmas and have used it everyday since! It's one of my favorite things!

  2. You have some great recommendations this month. I'll have to try the veggie seasoning and you can never have too many felt pads!

  3. We have a turkey blow up too. Brian bought it last year because I wanted the Christmas decorations up so early.

  4. It was a big month for costumes. The evil queen is a good compromise! The poodle skirt is ideal because it comes with all the accessories. Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases!